Después de aprobar la capacitación profesional de Zabbix, se le preguntó a cada participante certificado su opinión sobre la capacitación. Esto es lo que escribieron algunos de nuestros participantes:

“Lots of stuff, very good presenter, good documentation (online). Good pace during the 2 days.”
“The combination of expertly designed content, highly pertinent labs and delivery by a product expert, led to fruitful discussions and all product questions answered. The training was a great success and unwrapped unsuspected value that will take us far.”
Ian Bromehead
Nobius IT, United Kingdom
“The Zabbix specialist and professional trainings have been great enabler. This really propelled us to the next level in operating the Zabbix in our enterprise. A big thanks to Edmunds Vesmanis for such a professional and elegantly delivered training.
Ramesh Chinnathambi
ATG LTD. FZC., United Arab Emirates
“Good points were: The training was in Japanese and conducted by Zabbix SIA staff member; It was a very practical training where each trainee had his own server environment; The trainer’s knowledge and skills are amazing.”
Toyoki Yasuda
Sony Corporation, Japan
“I liked the possibility to ask questions and get answers immediately. Possibility to report problems live.”
Norbert Bladt
T-Systems (Schweiz) AG, Switzerland
“I liked pace of the class, hands on use of servers and getting to see the limitations in real time.”
Russ Meisner
Vaisala Inc., USA
Everything was great! We have gained a lot of valuable information and skills. Without these courses, we would have spent a lot of time trying to gain that knowledge by ourselves. Special thanks to the trainer for professionalism and patience, answering a tons of our questions.
Andrey Garbuz
UkrSibbank - BNP Paribas Group, Ukraine
“I'm very pleased that we have learned everything from installation to words of caution for operation.”
“The small size of the group allowed the trainer and participants to bond closer, which made the learning process much easier.”
“I was able to learn all parts of Zabbix from installation to monitoring design, as well as quantity of process parts.”
“It was very easy to understand because of the very clear explanation on the real machine operation. Same with the Q&A, the trainer was giving the answers by giving examples on the screen or log outputs.”
“I have learned some details and tricks that you won't find in the manuals. There was plenty of time for questions and comprehensive answers, so it was easy to understand.”
Akihiro Takaya
ProgMind Inc., Japan
“The good point was being able to restudy Zabbix setup and configurations methods, doing it systematically, in a real environment. It helped me to better understand the configurations I had used on my own or didn't know about at all.”
Hitoshi Yoshida
Future Architect, Inc., Japan
“I was able to update my knowledge in basic Zabbix functionality. I also could access some information I would not have learned without going to the training.”
Fumiki Matsuda
Future Architect, Inc., Japan
“The training was very helpful and we look forward to taking it again in the future. Venue was great and instructor was excellent.”
Jon Conley
Plateau4, USA
“Detailed Tips about installation and implementation which you couldn't find in the manuals were available at the course. It was hands-on training, so I could remember things practically.”
Taisuke Tominaga
Logic,.inc, Japan
“The courses were very very good! And I think I'll have a lot of fun with Zabbix.”
“A lot of materials you couldn't find in the manuals was available at the course. Very good examples and workshops, ability to test all different cases.”
Dimitri Pokrishchenko
Geocell LLC, Georgia
“Rediscovering” features like auto discovery. Having developer's opinion on various aspects of how Zabbix works.”
Mārcis Lielturks
SIA “Stream Networks”, Latvia
“I liked everything. We went through problems and tried to solve them, not ignore them. Thanks. I like proxy solution. It's perfect.”
Radek Hladky
DATASYS s.r.o., Czech Republic
“New interface with some extra option for latest version, flexible data options.”
Sergio Luis Ruas Caspar de Almeida,
ArtsAlliance Media LLC, United Kingdom
“Detailed inside information for Zabbix could be understood, especially the explanation with actual demonstration.”
Takashi Mine
Hitachi GST, Japan
“I liked the walkthrough of installing and configuring SNMP traps.”
Emil Odepark
New Wave Group AB, Sweden
Having trained by the creator of Zabbix itself.
Leo Dil
Netcon, Netherlands
“Interesting training, many good ideas and more answers for our questions.”
Istvan Salgovani
Kurt Co., Hungary
“I liked size of group, atmosphere, good discussions (quality).”
Andreas Bollhalder
Optimo Service, Switzerland
“Very much practice, not only theory. Live presentation on real system.”
Denis Loshakov
A/S “Norvik banka”, Latvia
“Good level and detailed presentation.”
“I liked the practical tips and well-built scenarios, it was a complete training, thank you! :)”
Szabo Laszlo
Kurt Co., Hungary
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