Release-Hinweise für Zabbix 2.0.0rc3

Das Zabbix Team freut sich, Ihnen Zabbix vorzustellen 2.0.0rc3.

Zabbix ist eine Open-Source-Lösung für das verteilte Monitoring und dabei für Unternehmen ausgelegt (Enterprise-Klasse). Zabbix wird unter der GPL veröffentlicht und ist daher zur Verwendung kostenlos, ob kommerziell oder nicht. Den vollständigen Text der Lizenz finden Sie unter

Dieses Dokument enthält die Release-Hinweise für Zabbix 2.0.0rc3. Sie finden es unter download.

Die folgenden Abschnitte beschreiben den Release im Detail und stellen später hinzugekommene oder sonstige Informationen bereit, um die hauptsächliche Dokumentation zu ergänzen.

New Features and Improvements

ZBXNEXT-973 Redesign of existing templates Installation
ZBX-4869 Added support for nested screens import Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1161 Implemented the service API API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1126 Redesign global script execution API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-584 Added support of multiple servers in active check mode; thanks to Takanori Suzuki Agent Installation
ZBX-3721 Design improvements Frontend Installation
ZBXNEXT-908 Redesign Configuration->Host->Graphs API Frontend
ZBX-4738 Improved the host interface selection in the item mass update form Frontend
ZBX-4635 Added support for optional first parameter to* on Solaris Agent
ZBXNEXT-1153 Added support for nested templates in import Frontend
ZBX-1357 Updated Czech, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Turkish translations; thanks to Zabbix translators Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1162 Improved performance of processing of triggers by history syncers and timer processes Server
ZBXNEXT-1149 Import of nested maps, import form redesign API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-744 Added support of {ITEM.ID} and {TRIGGER.EXPRESSION} macros in notifications and commands Server
ZBXNEXT-914 Redesign Administration->DM API Frontend
ZBX-4751 Removed "WITH OIDS" option from PostgreSQL database scheme Installation Server
ZBXNEXT-397 Added support of web monitoring by Zabbix proxy Installation Proxy Server
ZBX-3531 Configuration export/import Frontend
ZBX-4581 Added time unit symbols support to aggregate items Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-4333 Implemented dependency validation in trigger::adddependencies API Frontend
ZBX-4333 Implemented dependency inheritance in the trigger.adddependencies and trigger.deletedependencies methods API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-904 Redesign Configuration->Screens Frontend
ZBX-4600 Trigger dependencies will now be deleted when executing a mass update with no dependencies selected Frontend
ZBX-4563 Changed the hostmacro related UserMacro method interfaces API
ZBX-4563 Improved SQL query debug log design Frontend
ZBX-4537 Improved include_once statements to make Zabbix code easier to reuse Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1113 Redesign Configuration->Host->Discovery rules Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1107 Redesign Configuration->Audit Frontend
ZBX-2604 Added processing of not supported items monitored by a proxy Installation Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-903 Redesign Configuration->Items Frontend
ZBXNEXT-909 Redesign Configuration->Discovery Frontend


ZBX-4890 Fixed creating hosts by administrators API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1161 Fixed multiple IT service validation issues Frontend
ZBX-4793 Fixed processing of quoted strings in dynamic SNMP indexes Proxy Server
ZBX-4709 Fixed processing of quoted strings in SNMP items Proxy Server
ZBX-4882 Fixed processing of quoted strings in SNMP lld rules Server
ZBX-3219 Added newlines to script execution error messages Frontend
ZBX-4348 Fixed graph values not displayed for regular user Frontend
ZBX-4698 Fixed selected host group forgotten if "remember selected" is disabled Frontend
ZBX-4871 Fixed templates listed when adding log items in history Frontend
ZBX-4862 Fixed Error when trying to remove additional templates in the host mass update form Frontend
ZBX-3929 Removed deprecated Switch module from and scripts Installation
ZBX-4738 Fixed several checkboxes state not being saved after an unsuccessful item mass update Frontend
ZBX-4865 Fixed error bar in case of error with words longer than screen Frontend
ZBX-4840 Improved slow SQL queries in processing of {ITEM.VALUE} and {ITEM.LOG.*} macros Server
ZBX-4572 Fixed incorrect value input in GUI configuration form raising critical error Frontend
ZBX-4841 Fixed inability to select other but the first of the discovery checks for a discovery rule in popup.php Frontend
ZBX-4110 Renamed 'Password' to 'Key passphrase' in action form Frontend
ZBX-4686 Fixed the "Change" link not being accessible for graph type screen items in embedded screens Frontend
ZBX-4836 Fixed undefined variables in actionconf.php when trying to add maintenance status; fixed some random ordering for conditions Frontend
ZBX-4829 Fixed incorrect redirect in 'insert trigger' popup in trigger expression builder Frontend
ZBX-4784 Fixed inherited triggers being updated on any host update API
ZBX-4824 Fixed memory leak while switching item to not supported status Server
ZBX-4830 Fixed error when trying to create item without host Frontend
ZBX-4676 Fixed link to triggers from dashboard 'system status' widget not reseting host filter Frontend
ZBX-4568 Fixed new host groups not populated with selected group when 'remember selected' is disabled in GUI settings Frontend
ZBX-4583 Fixed possible processing of null as object in CUIwidget Frontend
ZBX-4740 Fixed host filter when switching to 'configuration of items' from another host configuration page Frontend
ZBX-4195 Fixed memory leak while processing unsupported performance counters by Windows agent Agent
ZBX-4780 Removed vfs.fs.discovery returned value limit when processed by proxy Installation Proxy Server
ZBX-4802 Improved memory de-allocation code clarity Agent
ZBX-4739 Fixed mass update failing with many items selected Frontend
ZBX-4821 Fixed flexible interval update using item mass update form Frontend
ZBX-4806 Fixed "New flexible interval" not shown in item form Frontend
ZBX-4790 Fixed *ERROR*s in trigger expressions in items.php; fixed undefined variables when filtering without host API Frontend
ZBX-3725 Added check for xml file size exceeds upload_max_filesize php setting Frontend
ZBX-3991 Forbid passive proxy interfaces with ip API Frontend
ZBX-3152 Fixed global messages being shown even if all severities are unchecked Frontend
ZBXNEXT-397 Removed records from "ids" table to prevent SQL errors while adding a new item Installation
ZBX-4811 Added 'filter' and 'lifetime' fields to discovery rules export Frontend
ZBX-4801 Fixed processing of proc.num[] and proc.mem[] checks with name of processes more than 15 characters Agent
ZBX-4792 Fixed missing field "Allowed hosts" when item type Zabbix trapper Frontend
ZBX-4038 Fixed warnings for incorrect input values Frontend
ZBX-4781 Fixed error message when copying items to multiple hosts Frontend
ZBX-4788 Fixed trigger severity being reset when changing dependencies via mass update Frontend
ZBX-4787 Fixed graph axis item selection popup shows only monitored hosts Frontend
ZBX-4779 Fixed new groups import Frontend
ZBX-4775 Fixed discovery rules import Frontend
ZBX-4700 Fixed errors in item list when using interface related macro in template item key Frontend
ZBX-4761 Fixed "&" escaping in form inputs Frontend
ZBX-4749 Fixed proxy crash on exit when deleting trend cache Proxy Server
ZBX-4778 Fixed port field validation in creating discovery rule Frontend
ZBX-4718 Fixed Graph axis item cloning in host Full Clone API Frontend
ZBX-4621 Fixed macro update using host.massupdate API
ZBX-4697 Fixed error when massupdate group for hosts that belongs to different groups API Frontend
ZBX-4257 Fixed creating discovery rules, items and item prototypes API Frontend
ZBX-4765 Fixed filter fields being unset when saving of discovery rule fails Frontend
ZBX-4736 Fixed undefined variable in Inventory Hosts Frontend
ZBX-4764 Fixed critical error in Administration->Notifications Frontend
ZBX-4753 Properly pluralized "Last n issues" message in dashboard Frontend
ZBX-3613 Updated notification sounds; fixed sound playback in profile Frontend
ZBX-4713 Fixed ACK status for triggers visible in Dashboard and Screens Frontend
ZBX-4752 Fixed creating SNMPv1 item prototypes with data type "boolean" Frontend
ZBX-4702 Fixed dynamic item saving in Screens Frontend
ZBX-4257 Fixed updating templated items API Frontend
ZBX-4710 Fixed replacing graph Y axis item prototypes when cloning a discovery rule API Frontend
ZBX-4710 Fixed deleting hosts when a graph prototype uses a normal item for it's Y scale API Frontend
ZBX-4365 Added plural translation support for the failed login attempt message Frontend
ZBX-4365 Fixed user being redirected to the dashboard after trying to login with an incorrect password Frontend
ZBX-3528 Fixed letter numbering of long lists Frontend
ZBX-4725 Fixed processing lld rules with macros in a key Agent Java gateway Proxy Server
ZBX-4730 Removed incorrect JS function call in the event history screen Frontend
ZBX-3522 Fixed errors when inserting too long values in the user_history and profiles tables Frontend
ZBX-4333 Fixed trigger inheritance when calling trigger.update whithout a trigger expression API Frontend
ZBX-4333 Fixed host trigger mass update Frontend
ZBX-4333 Fixed trigger dependency copying Frontend
ZBX-4629 Fixed processing Y axis min/max values for graph prototypes Server
ZBX-4641 Fixed errors in a "Discovery checks" popup Frontend
ZBX-4202 Fixed SQL performance in tr_status.php - combined similar queries, user data SQL access only once, triggerids retrieval optimization API Frontend
ZBX-4647 Fixed trigger and item prototype inheritance API Frontend
ZBX-4467 Fixed the ZBX_MAX_PERIOD constant not affecting the timebar control Frontend
ZBX-4562 Fixed mediatype.update returning incorrectly formatted result API
ZBX-4187 Fixed dashbord fonts on popup. fixed js error on last 20 issues Frontend
ZBX-4607 Fixed the script.getscriptbyhosts method returning scripts from nodes defferent from hosts API Frontend
ZBX-4607 Fixed the script "Host groups" parameter API Frontend
ZBX-4607 Fixed the script.get methods "selectHosts" and "selectGroups" options API
ZBX-4607 Fixed new ID generation in DM setup Frontend
ZBX-4253 Fixed menu link inconsistency in tr_status.php Frontend
ZBX-4554 Fixed ordering Frontend
ZBX-4295 Fixed icons ending outside map. Removed icon resizing responsible for infinite loop Frontend
ZBX-4296 Fixed popup menu unavailable for disabled hosts Frontend
ZBX-4693 Fixed hosts table foreign key constraint error during database upgrade Installation
ZBX-4563 Fixed host macro IDs being regenerated when updating macros API Frontend
ZBX-4563 Fixed several macro validation issues API Frontend
ZBX-4563 Fixed macro sorting Frontend
ZBX-3735 Fixed login form to send passwords via POST not GET; thanks to Joseph Bueno Frontend
ZBX-954 Increased API version to 1.4, Zabbix 1.8.x is using 1.3 API
ZBX-4604 Fixed the "change" link not being accessible for graph type screen items in embedded screens API Frontend
ZBX-4560 Fixed low level discovery error messages to start with uppercase 'Cannot ...' Server
ZBX-4677 Fixed minor typo in class.cscript.php; thanks to Łukasz Jernaś Frontend
ZBX-4261 Fixed disovery rules in the queue calculation Frontend Server
ZBX-4624 Fixed processing of system.cpu.switches metric Agent
ZBX-4623 Fixed host group visibility for non superadmins. Frontend
ZBX-4662 Fixed server crash while linking a template with DebugLevel=4 Server
ZBX-1335 Improved Item filter. Frontend
ZBX-4630 Fixed "Trigger overview" screen. Frontend
ZBX-4628 Fixed an "invalid number of fields" error when syncing configuration on proxy Proxy Server
ZBX-4593 Fixed "trigger info" type screen item resource validation API Frontend
ZBX-4599 Fixed errors in building select queries in Event.get() API Frontend
ZBX-1787 Fixed gradient element rendering if the value exceeds the max Y scale value Frontend
ZBX-4494 Fixed some types of screen items not being returned by Screen.get() API Frontend
ZBX-4591 More secure substituting of macros in item keys and dynamic SNMP OIDs Proxy Server
ZBX-4598 Fixed audit error when saving triggers Frontend
ZBX-4598 Fixed templated trigger inheritance API Frontend
ZBX-3373 Fixed host interfaces filtering in items. Frontend
ZBX-4110 Fixed "ssh key" field and "password" field names in items. Frontend
ZBX-3466 Fixed creating new item without hostname. Frontend
ZBX-1601 Fixed clear history and trends of items for templates. Frontend
ZBX-3330, ZBX-4280 Fixed remembering of item filter parameters. Frontend
ZBX-2662, ZBX-3304 Fixed reset button style in filter. Frontend
ZBX-2071 Fixed IPMI sensors with trailing spaces in items. Frontend
ZBX-2631 Fixed flexible interval configuration in items. Frontend
ZBX-4596 Fixed trigger prototype deletion. Frontend
ZBX-2515 Set 15 minutes autologout as default for new users Frontend
ZBX-4580 Fixed trigger info pop up in the item configuration list Frontend

Installations- und Upgrade-Hinweise


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