Release-Hinweise für Zabbix 6.4.0rc3

Das Zabbix Team freut sich, Ihnen Zabbix vorzustellen 6.4.0rc3.

Zabbix ist eine Open-Source-Lösung für das verteilte Monitoring und dabei für Unternehmen ausgelegt (Enterprise-Klasse). Zabbix wird unter der GPL veröffentlicht und ist daher zur Verwendung kostenlos, ob kommerziell oder nicht. Den vollständigen Text der Lizenz finden Sie unter

Dieses Dokument enthält die Release-Hinweise für Zabbix 6.4.0rc3. Sie finden es unter download.

Die folgenden Abschnitte beschreiben den Release im Detail und stellen später hinzugekommene oder sonstige Informationen bereit, um die hauptsächliche Dokumentation zu ergänzen.

New Features and Improvements

ZBXNEXT-8087 Reverted removal of template nesting API Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-8257 Removed aggregate function labels from the Graph widget legend Frontend
ZBXNEXT-8262 Updated soft minimal threshold for MySQL to version 8.0.30 Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-8105 Fixed build when cURL library version is less than 7.61.0 Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-7836 Added modal form for maintenance periods in Data collection->Maintenance Frontend Installation
Added support for notification macros in the Script media type parameters API Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-1111 Added template versioning fields API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-8249 Updated attributes in the template files Templates
ZBXNEXT-8165 Added the possibility to specify decimal places in Top hosts widget Frontend
ZBXNEXT-8246 Added support of bits to SNMP preprocessing API Frontend Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-8105 Added support for streaming metrics and events to external systems over HTTP API Frontend Installation Server
ZBXNEXT-8166 Reworked the preprocessing manager to use worker threads instead of processes Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-8087 Removed template nesting API Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-8204 Added support of PHP 8.2 API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-8091 Added additional SSH options to[] item as the 5th parameter Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-8250 Updated soft minimal threshold for MySQL to version 8.0.29 Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-8074 Implemented CSRF tokens instead of SIDs Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-8236 Deprecated support for old numeric type Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-7923 Added templates for BMC Control-M integration Templates
ZBXNEXT-7775 Added Veeam Backup and Replication templates Templates
ZBXNEXT-7605 Replaced the column "Ack" with "Update" in the problem lists Frontend
ZBXNEXT-8213 Added a database upgrade patch for renamed Actions filters Installation
ZBXNEXT-1354 Implemented host filtering by status Frontend
ZBXNEXT-8054 Updated MariaDB maximum supported version to 10.10 Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-7951 Improved import configuration by changing UI, matching logic and unlinking logic API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-8112 Added Line media type Templates
ZBXNEXT-8197 Added TimescaleDB v2.9.x support Server
ZBXNEXT-7962 Fixed interfaces discovery rules in OPNsense, PFSense and TrueNAS templates Templates
ZBXNEXT-8115 Updated system.sw.packages key in Linux templates Templates
ZBXNEXT-3100 Added the requirement for users to enter current password when changing their own password API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-7964 Introduced two-level event/problem hierarchy: causes and symptoms API Frontend Installation Server
ZBXNEXT-7977 Added Azure Microsoft SQL templates Templates
ZBXNEXT-6848 Added support for system.sw.os on Windows and a new system.sw.os.get key for Zabbix agent and Zabbix agent 2 items Frontend Agent
ZBXNEXT-7835 Added modal form for actions in Alerts->Actions Frontend
ZBXNEXT-4428 Optimized SNMP discovery and data collection, added GetBulk support API Frontend Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-7889 Transitioned to using vfs.fs.get key for filesystem discovery in Zabbix agent based templates Templates
ZBXNEXT-7963 Added a hint box for "Enable HTTP authentication" parameter; added confirmation dialog box for enabling HTTP authentication Frontend
ZBXNEXT-8076 Added prof_enable and prof_disable commands for profiling Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-2580 Implemented new Zabbix agent and Zabbix agent 2 key system.sw.packages.get Agent
ZBXNEXT-6119 Added the option to retrieve all JSON data via the docker.container_info key in Zabbix agent 2 Docker plugin Agent
ZBXNEXT-8085 Removed the deprecated property "alias" from user.get, user.create, user.update methods and the "user" property from the user.login method API
ZBXNEXT-7924 Switched templates to use proc.get key for discovery of processes Templates
ZBXNEXT-7886 Added Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches template Templates
ZBXNEXT-276 Added LDAP and SAML user provisioning API Frontend Installation Server
ZBXNEXT-8058 Reduced locking between history syncers, trappers and proxy pollers Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-8051 Added new authentications methods for API calls API
ZBXNEXT-4714 Implemented filters for Action log page; and widget and export to CSV file for Action log page Frontend Installation
ZBXNEXT-6844 Added a Cisco Meraki template Templates
ZBXNEXT-7903 Added templates for Azure PostgreSQL servers Templates
ZBXNEXT-7949 Added a suffix "by" in template names Templates
ZBXNEXT-7948 Optimized preprocessing manager cache refresh Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-7469 Simplified creation of dashboard widgets; moved widgets to modules; updated modules framework Frontend
Implemented audit logging of item and item prototype API objects API Frontend Templates
ZBXNEXT-8040 Added object based JSON parsing and JSONPath optimizations Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-7940 Added template OS processes by Zabbix agent Templates
ZBXNEXT-7953 Added VMware tags support for vSphere versions older than 7U2 Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-7122 Added detection of compressed chunks in history or trend tables, and warnings that suggest enabling housekeeping overrides accordingly Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-8018 Added token authentication in Template GitLab by HTTP Templates
ZBXNEXT-7512 Implemented new context menu for host, item and trigger in the Monitoring section Frontend
ZBXNEXT-7972 Implemented name for trigger URL Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-6401 Added new vmware keys vmware.datastore.perfcounter and vmware.hv.diskinfo.get Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-8038 Improved layout for audit log report utilising two-column layout Frontend
ZBXNEXT-7816 Added support of PostgreSQL 15 Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-7970 Added support of TimescaleDB 2.8 Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-7902 Added templates for Azure MySQL servers Templates
ZBXNEXT-7920 Improved value cache not to drop items from cache when no new value has arrived in 24 hours Server
ZBXNEXT-8035 Added override for file system discovery trigger in f5 template Templates
ZBXNEXT-7912 Improved media type configuration API Frontend Installation Server
ZBXNEXT-3290 Added incremental proxy configuration sync API Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-7971 Increased max length of the "URL (after login)" field API Frontend Installation
ZBXNEXT-7931 Removed heartbeats support from Zabbix proxy Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-2557 Added support of Zabbix proxies with legacy version API Frontend Installation Proxy Server Templates
ZBXNEXT-6797 Increased length of host metadata Agent Installation Server
ZBXNEXT-3496 Added ability to add own links to Host and Event context menu API Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-6181 Added functionality to remove SQLite3 DB file on proxy version increase Proxy
ZBXNEXT-1616 Added monitoring of mount point options for Unix-like OSes Agent
ZBXNEXT-7661 Implemented thresholds for dynamic background color in item value widget Frontend
ZBXNEXT-7830 Implemented better menu structure Frontend
ZBXNEXT-7832 Renamed setting "Dynamic item" to "Enable host selection" for URL, Plain text, Graph prototype, Item value, Graph classic widgets Frontend
ZBXNEXT-7852 Added incremental active check refresh for active agents Documentation Agent Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-6406 Removed requirement of host interface for server-originated checks Frontend Proxy Server


ZBX-22402 Fixed data sending to Zabbix server from the Zabbix agent 2 persistent buffer Agent
ZBX-22408 Fixed multiple preprocessing workers trying to index a JSON object at the same time Proxy Server
ZBX-22419 Fixed wrongful removal of matching OIDs Proxy Server
ZBX-22368 Replaced sigprocmask with pthread_sigmask when libpthread is available Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-22412 Fixed dependent items being generated from a discarded master item value Proxy Server
ZBX-22396 Fixed handling of OIDs of different lengths before index in the SNMP walk to JSON preprocessing step Server
ZBX-22589 Added new limits for JS objects Proxy Server
ZBX-22588 Fixed unauthorised file system access when using cURL Proxy Server
ZBX-22587 Fixed JSON validation not detecting invalid unicode characters and out of bounds access with JSONPath on invalid unicode character Proxy Server
ZBX-22384 Fixed Zabbix agent 2 build on macOS Agent
ZBX-22375 Prevented copying of discovered items when full cloning the host; fixed inability to full clone the host with an item which depends on a web scenario item Frontend
ZBX-22271 Removed module templates Templates
ZBX-22346 Fixed item value dynamic background not working with double-digit negative values Frontend
ZBX-22352 Added missing CSRF token for macros expansion in maps Frontend
ZBX-22333 Added CSRF token to the 'Make cause' and 'Make symptom' problem actions Frontend
ZBX-22078 Fixed the crash in calculated items when using tag filter on 32-bit systems Server
ZBX-22280 Fixed the symptom counter for cause problem events in the Problems section and Problems widget Frontend
ZBX-22189 Fixed Zabbix server crash appearing when only item tags change between LLD runs Server
ZBX-21597 Optimized Remote Zabbix server health template to spread load across workers and updated descriptions Templates
ZBX-21602 Optimized Zabbix server health template to spread load across workers and updated descriptions Templates
ZBX-22032 Added a cookie engine to HTTP checks Proxy Server
ZBX-22222 Fixed applying item value maps on already converted values Frontend
ZBX-22061 Fixed custom query parameter read on an empty parameter for Oracle plugin in Zabbix agent 2 Agent
ZBX-21227 Improved error logging during Zabbix agent start as Windows service Agent
ZBX-22178 Fixed action operations being executed on the current host if only a host group is selected Server
ZBX-22189 Fixed LLD Zabbix server crash Server
ZBXNEXT-7541 Added modal copy form for items, triggers and graphs Frontend
ZBX-21538 Fixed history.get API method blocking drop_chunks requests during housekeeping API
ZBX-21956 Fixed the severity sign overlapping the trigger name in the map element configuration Frontend
ZBX-22215 Fixed incorrectly quoted function parameter parsing Server
ZBX-22118 Fixed remote command execution sequence in Zabbix agent 2 Agent
ZBX-21556 Updated Etcd by HTTP template to comply with Etcd v3.5 Templates
ZBX-22133 Fixed closed pipe detection for communication with plugins in Windows Agent
ZBX-21936 Fixed actions not being displayed in the Action log widget Frontend
ZBX-22164 Fixed quote and unquote methods for trigger functions Frontend
ZBX-21254 Removed kernel.maxproc from processes graph in Linux by Zabbix agent templates Templates
ZBX-21754 Improved value cache warmup when retrieving two last values with 1 day update interval Server
ZBX-22043 Fixed the crash when array index in JSONPath is negative or large Proxy Server
ZBX-22077 Fixed the Sign out link not working consistently in Mozilla Firefox Frontend
ZBX-21862 Updated the tablespaces query for Oracle plugin in Zabbix agent 2 Agent
ZBX-21665 Fixed SMART plugin infinite loop for Zabbix agent 2 Agent
ZBX-19138 Fixed Redis plugin configuration in Zabbix agent 2 configuration files Agent
ZBX-21592 Moved some static items under LLD rules to optimize Oracle by ODBC template Templates
ZBX-21069 Fixed SNMP max_vars not backing off when generr is received Proxy Server
ZBX-21889 Fixed warnings being shown even after overrides have been enabled for trends or history tables with compressed chunks Frontend
ZBX-21563 Changed the order in which escalation steps and recovery operations are executed Frontend Server
ZBX-22017 Fixed the Map navigation tree widget inability to save the order when the depth levels get changed Frontend
ZBX-21961 Removed the unnecessary "Command:" label for message actions on the Event details page Frontend
ZBX-21783 Fixed Zabbix JS timeout validation
ZBX-21720 Fixed trends function cache size estimation and overallocation handling Server
ZBX-21713 Fixed retrieval of numeric column width when Oracle DB is used Proxy Server
ZBX-22126 Fixed trends being deleted from cache and retrieved from the database when the data older than 1 hour is received Server
ZBX-22075 Fixed the crash when Elasticsearch is used Proxy Server
ZBX-21826 Fixed a dummy module Makefile to use cc and compile on FreeBSD Installation
ZBX-22015 Fixed provisioning of new user when group mapping contains duplicate groups API
ZBX-21950 Fixed script items to stop requiring host interface during template linkage Server
ZBX-21890 Fixed config.dbversion_status containing second empty object on PostgreSQL without TSDB Server
ZBX-22138 Fixed the inability to delete a group from a host prototype API
ZBX-21540 Moved some static items under LLD rules to improve performance of Oracle by Zabbix agent 2 template Templates
ZBX-21587 Added metrics for optimizing dependent items preprocessing in Jenkins template Templates
ZBX-22110 Fixed memory leak in Zabbix server in case of monitoring VMware Proxy Server
ZBX-21288 Renamed LLD macro 'DG_NAME' to 'DGNAME' and fixed preprocessing JSONPath in Oracle by Zabbix agent 2 template Templates
ZBX-22071 Extended description for OPSGenie media type Templates
ZBX-20845 Fixed SNMP interface availability in case of wrong credentials Proxy Server
ZBX-22224 Fixed broken JSON generation by Zabbix internal stats Server
ZBX-20110 Added single field search option to Oracle, ts.stats,, and diskgroups.stats keys for Zabbix agent 2
ZBX-21441 Added override to skip metadata collection on zfs and btrfs for nix templates Templates
ZBX-22016 Fixed host.get API method not returning any results for hosts with no interfaces when filtering by "hostid" API
ZBX-21985 Fixed LLD rules in AWS by HTTP template Templates
ZBX-21927 Fixed crash on Oracle database when connection is lost Proxy Server
ZBX-22005 Fixed inability to update the template with dependent item prototypes using the configuration.import when the template is linked to a host prototype API
ZBX-22013 Fixed incorrect possibility to change the password for a guest user Frontend
ZBX-21300 Fixed high CPU usage when using the net.tcp.socket.count key on Windows Agent
ZBX-21904 Fixed the possibility to add value mappings from templates in the mass update form Frontend
ZBX-21793 Fixed the error message for "diaginfo" runtime command Server
ZBX-22042 Fixed the inability to get existing group prototypes by hostprototype.get API method when using Oracle database API
ZBX-21221 Increased the character limit of Installation
ZBX-21696 Fixed Windows Zabbix agent 2 Unicode path support for log* items Agent
ZBX-21872 Fixed VMware HV missing multipath data for some datastores Proxy Server
ZBX-21903 Fixed Zabbix agent 2 timeout behavior for net.tcp.port item Agent
ZBX-21039 Fixed the Readme in PostgreSQL by Zabbix agent 2 template Templates
ZBX-21922 Fixed expression macros to use corresponding item keys Server
ZBX-21806 Fixed fatal PHP error in cases when an incorrect variable type for controller action is given Frontend
ZBX-21753 Fixed graphs not loading in kiosk mode Frontend
ZBX-21789 Fixed the inability to save an SVG graph with override missing data value "Last known" Frontend
ZBX-21472 Fixed incorrect problem period visualisation in graph widget Frontend
ZBX-20413 Fixed the behaviour of paging when a filter or sub-filter is applied Frontend
ZBX-21206 Updated plugin support dependency for Zabbix agent 2 Agent
ZBX-22014 Fixed fatal error in SCIM authentication API
ZBX-20397 Fixed draggable object alignment Frontend
ZBX-20356 Fixed Zabbix agent 2 to remove and re-add performance counters on failed collection and to keep the query always open Agent
ZBX-21296 Updated ORACLE plugin, ORACLE ODBC and Zabbix agent 2 template documentation grant select variables and added new grant Agent Templates
ZBX-21595 Optimized RabbitMQ node templates Templates
ZBX-21884 Changed system.sw.packages[<package>,<manager>,<format>] to system.sw.packages[<regexp>,<manager>,<format>] Frontend
ZBX-21594 Optimized RabbitMQ cluster templates Templates
ZBX-20050 Fixed broken macro value and type input when changing to/from inherited macros Frontend
ZBX-21864 Fixed fatal error in the system warning page Frontend
ZBX-22001 Re-enabled response decompression support (HTTP header "Accept-Encoding") in web monitoring (reversion of ZBX-21765) Proxy Server
ZBX-22000 Fixed and/or evaluation in LLD filters/overrides Server
ZBX-21997 Fixed parsing JSON starting with whitespace and empty array/object JSONPath output Proxy Server
ZBX-21943 Fixed loss and latency checks in the Cisco Meraki template Templates
ZBX-21601 Added optimization for LLD preprocessing by splitting the master item into sub metrics Templates
ZBX-16432 Removed the ability to import a graph with an empty name and added graph name length validation up to 128 characters API Frontend
ZBX-21761 Added HA manager timeout checks and restart in standby mode Server
ZBX-21373 Fixed the Zabbix agent sometimes crashing when enumerating system processes on OpenBSD Agent
ZBX-21929 Fixed widgets' field "type" Templates
ZBX-17419 Optimized API queries when searching through names in hosts and items tables API Server
ZBX-21631 Changed UUIDs of active Zabbix agent availability metrics in Windows and Linux templates Templates
ZBX-21818 Added escaping of macro values in script item parameters Server
ZBX-21830 Fixed syntax of a message identifier in the "In-Reply-To e-mail" header field Server
ZBX-21828 Fixed undefined index "suppress_until" in the "Problems by severity widget" Frontend
ZBX-21816 Fixed an incorrect "i" icon alignment in "Compact view" info column of the Problems section Frontend
ZBX-19813 Reworked interface updates in template linking and LLD Server
ZBX-20320 Fixed order of checkboxes in User role view; added vertical display to CCheckBoxList; removed CSeverityCheckBoxList Frontend
ZBX-21869 Fixed database upgrade from 5.0 on setups requiring primary keys for tables
ZBX-21620 Changed an update interval for a "passwd checksum" item in OS templates to 15m Templates
ZBX-21825 Improved history syncer performance Server
ZBX-21785 Updated "Actions checkboxes" in Audit log form filter for User directory and Autoregistration Frontend
ZBX-21765 Removed HTTP header "Accept-Encoding" from defaults in a web scenario step request Server
ZBX-21715 Fixed Zabbix JS (zabbix_js) crash when parsing short version of "timeout" option -t
ZBX-21616 Fixed error due to non-existent macros in custom expressions Server
ZBX-21786 Fixed "invalid timeout" error occurring after removal of script item parameters Proxy Server
ZBX-21823 Fixed "vfs.fs.inode" and "vfs.fs.get" to handle the file systems with zero total inodes count Agent
ZBX-22050 Fixed spoofing X-Forwarded-For request header so that it allows to access the frontend in maintenance mode Frontend
ZBX-21588 Optimized template k8s nodes by HTTP Templates
ZBX-20478 Fixed script for k8s cluster state Templates
ZBX-20296 Fixed swap trigger function for Windows and modules by Zabbix agent templates Templates
ZBX-20392 Added close/ack/unack of events for OPSgenie media Templates
ZBX-21000 Fixed possibility to update host interface on items from templates Frontend
ZBX-21227 Fixed Zabbix agent to log received service control commands Agent
ZBX-21456 Fixed net.tcp.socket.count and net.udp.socket.count problem on Zabbix agent 2 when ipv6 is disabled Agent
ZBX-21532 Fixed missing inherited tags for templated triggers in edit form, tag tab Frontend
ZBX-21655 Fixed VMware datastore discovery to not return the same datastore multiple times Proxy Server
ZBX-21677 Fixed checkbox resetting in Monitoring->Latest data and Monitoring->Problems Frontend
ZBX-21687 Fixed persistent preloader icons over dashboard widgets on Safari 16 Frontend
ZBX-21689 Fixed proc.num to not crash the Zabbix agent on Windows when 'user' parameter is set Agent
ZBX-21463 Fixed Zabbix server to not attach interface to script items during linking Server
ZBX-17300 Fixed handling of context menu in the Map builder Frontend
ZBX-21656 Fixed clone buttons on template editing form that were not working in Safari 16 Frontend
ZBX-20505 Fixed subfilter counters displaying incorrect values in Monitoring => Graph view Frontend
ZBX-21733 Improved performance of system information and queue calculation to reduce history syncer locking Server
ZBX-21452 Fixed wmi.get* crash of zabbix_agentd for Windows Agent
ZBX-21673 Fixed read operations per second during preprocessing in Ceph by Zabbix agent 2 template Templates
ZBX-21724 Fixed updating of lastaccess for proxies in availman if active proxy is used Proxy Server
ZBX-21582 Optimized HPE Synergy template to spread load across preprocessing workers Templates
ZBX-21708 Fixed PHP TypeError when opening non-existing dashboard Frontend
ZBX-21606 Fixed "Allowed hosts" field in HTTP agent item Frontend
ZBX-19224 Added ability to unset headers in web scenario API
ZBX-21709 Fixed database upgrade patch to skip unexpected invalid service downtime instead of failing Server
ZBX-21562 Fixed maps not working with elements that contain disabled triggers Frontend
ZBX-21637 Fixed Zabbix server to rerun auto registration attempt in 120 seconds if host is deleted Agent
ZBX-21537 Fixed history syncers being stuck while waiting on system information being collected Server
ZBX-21025 Fixed the allowed argument range limits for char() trigger function Server
ZBX-21484 Updated documentation for SMART templates by Zabbix agent 2 Templates
ZBX-21725 Fixed configuration cache shared memory leak when removing vault macros Proxy Server
ZBX-21510 Made NodeAddress use ListenIP and ListenPort if not explicitly specified Server
ZBX-21706 Fixed double precision update patch for TimescaleDb Server
ZBX-19512 Fixed debug info block content refresh after changing table content in Monitoring -> Problems page Frontend
ZBX-21682 Removed unnecessary horizontal separator from Host interface Frontend
ZBX-21610 Fixed problem with sysctl() kern.proc.args API bug on FreeBSD <= 8.2 Agent
ZBX-21672 Fixed event source in mediatypes Templates
ZBX-21693 Fixed repeated lines in templates Templates
ZBX-17060 Fixed unexpected interface connection mode change during autoregistration Server
ZBX-21388 Fixed Zabbix agent 2 plugin read error and updated plugin support dependency for Zabbix agent 2 Agent
ZBX-20864 Fixed format specifier definitions on AIX Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-21605 Fixed possible PHP runtime errors in several modal popup dialogs Frontend
ZBX-21097 Fixed filtering by "Resource ID" and "Recordset ID" fields for "Audit log" page API Frontend
ZBX-21580 Optimized HPE MSA 2060 Storage by HTTP template to spread the load across preprocessing workers Templates
ZBXNEXT-5535 Implemented preselected host pattern filter for autosuggest used in items pattern field in graph widget Frontend
ZBX-21579 Optimized HPE MSA 2040 Storage by HTTP template to spread the load across preprocessing workers Templates
ZBX-21421 Fixed variable spelling in Kubernetes cluster state by HTTP template Templates
ZBX-21544 Fixed value of query field being truncated to the first "=" sign when pressing parse button Frontend
ZBX-21581 Optimized HPE Primera template to spread the load across preprocessing workers Templates
ZBX-21456 Fixed net.tcp.socket.count problem on Zabbix agent 2 when ipv6 is disabled Agent
ZBX-21009 Fixed double escaping in trigger function upon host autoregistration Server
ZBX-21664 Fixed Zabbix server crashing during database upgrade when converting service times and there is downtime inside uptime Server
ZBX-21466 Fixed race condition in Zabbix agent 2 leading to permanently stuck mount reads Agent

Installations- und Upgrade-Hinweise


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