Release-Hinweise für Zabbix 4.0.2rc1

Das Zabbix Team freut sich, Ihnen Zabbix vorzustellen 4.0.2rc1.

Zabbix ist eine Open-Source-Lösung für das verteilte Monitoring und dabei für Unternehmen ausgelegt (Enterprise-Klasse). Zabbix wird unter der GPL veröffentlicht und ist daher zur Verwendung kostenlos, ob kommerziell oder nicht. Den vollständigen Text der Lizenz finden Sie unter

Dieses Dokument enthält die Release-Hinweise für Zabbix 4.0.2rc1. Sie finden es unter download.

Die folgenden Abschnitte beschreiben den Release im Detail und stellen später hinzugekommene oder sonstige Informationen bereit, um die hauptsächliche Dokumentation zu ergänzen.

New Features and Improvements

ZBXNEXT-3848 Added validation of update interval, custom interval, history storage period and trend storage period in low-level discovery
ZBXNEXT-4841 Removed hardcoded locations for iconv.h and pthread.h; thanks to Helmut Grohne for the patch
ZBXNEXT-3047 Fixed compilation errors on Windows platform with static OpenSSL libraries
ZBXNEXT-4836 Added license information and OpenSSL linking exception to README file, show crypto library version when started with '-V'


ZBX-15171 Fixed crash in ODBC when creating JSON from null db values, fixed memory leak
ZBX-15045 Fixed a case where a disable multiselect looks like a similar to enabled text field
ZBX-14927 Fixed filter by host group without real hosts in triggers top 100, dashboard widgets, screens
ZBX-13662 Fixed duplication of file system type in global regular expression for file systems discovery
ZBX-15036 Added system.cpu.util[,guest], system.cpu.util[,guest_nice] to OS Linux template
ZBX-15106 Improved error messages for item preprocessing, general pcre code improvements
ZBX-15095 Fixed curl error handling for elasticsearch history backend
ZBX-15129 Added optional upgrade patches to rename TRIGGER.NAME macros to EVENT.NAME in action operation messages and custom scripts
ZBX-14858 Fixed processing of unlimited vmware maxQueryMetrics value
ZBX-14635 Fixed rare LLD failures when moving host between groups
ZBX-13719 Fixed loss of calc_fnc index in graph edit form
ZBX-14964 Improved escalator performance during maintenance by checking paused escalations less frequently
ZBX-13793 Fixed focus styles on read-only textarea fields
ZBX-13009 Fixed percentage calculation on availability reports list page
ZBX-15138 Fixed error message when receiving compressed data over maximum size
ZBX-15154 Fixed time period parameters in data overview context menu links
ZBX-15044 Fixed javascript error when zooming classic graph in edit mode
ZBX-15044 Fixed dashboard initialization in edit mode
ZBX-15053 Fixed timetamp position in map
ZBX-15033 Fixed zoom-out and select box for graphs in kiosk mode
ZBX-8396 Improved source code comments
ZBX-14970 Fixed wrong media type status upon creation, if chosen status disabled
ZBX-14899 Fixed wrong net.tcp.listen values on obsolete Linux systems
ZBX-14941 Fixed issue with autoreconf/automake for source tarball
ZBX-15142 Fixed time format for vmware performance counters query
ZBX-15010 Fixed regexp compilation error for patterns with referenced subpatterns
ZBX-14724 Fixed breadcrumb jumping in IE browser
ZBX-15083 Fixed API so that macro {TRIGGER.ID} works in map element URLs
ZBX-15127 Fixed possible crash when communication problem occurred in the middle of vmware update
ZBX-14396 Fixed excessive memory usage during template full clone
ZBX-14848 Clarified process type names for log level increase/decrease in help messages and man pages
ZBX-14833 Fixed selectHosts option in dservice.get API method to return the list of hosts by IP and proxy
ZBX-15062 Fixed binary heap trying to reallocate slots on every insert
ZBX-14805 Fixed unauthorized request error when resetting filter after enabling/disabling elements
ZBX-14789 Fixed translations from en_US to en_GB
ZBX-14758 Fixed encoding for cookie names and values
ZBX-15122 Fixed possible crash in web monitoring due to posts not being reset between steps
ZBX-14691 Fixed faulty behaviour of mandatory fields in Trigger expression form
ZBX-13695 Added support of host macros to trapper, HTTP agent item allowed hosts field
ZBX-15022 Fixed shared memory leak during configuration cache synchronization
ZBX-15025 Fixed email alerts being sent twice to one recipient
ZBX-15006 Fixed possibility to link map widget to itself as filter widget
ZBX-14886 Fixed undefined offset error in Problems by severity widget
ZBX-15090 Fixed memory leak when validating regular expression preprocessing step parameters during LLD
ZBX-14625 Changed SNMP OID default value to be displayed as placeholder instead of text
ZBX-14505 Fixed compiler warning about incompatible pointer type on 32-bit platform
ZBX-1667 Fixed error suppression during php ldap module initialization
ZBX-13505 Fixed link coloring in map when related trigger is not monitored
ZBX-15032 Fixed sBox position in screen's graph item when dynamic item is enabled
ZBX-14953 Fixed not closed connection with vmware at the end of update session via a call to Logout()
ZBX-15007 Fixed current map refresh in map widget right after update widget configuration
ZBX-14990 Added missing http agent statistic row in queue screen
ZBX-14984 Fixed missing focus from problem name when opening description editing popup in monitoring problems section
ZBX-14947 Fixed configuration update in administration authentication section
ZBX-14974 Fixed memory leak in case duplication name of the vmware performance counters
ZBX-14934 Made widget specific javascript files to be loaded with jsLoader
ZBX-15094 Fixed the potential crash during vmware update
ZBX-14966 Removed the notes about sqlite from zabbix_server.conf
ZBX-14875 Fixed discovery and auto registration escalations being kept for one hour instead of deleted immediately
ZBX-14422 Fixed SQL queries being logged when accessing API, even if debug mode is disabled
ZBX-14905 Fixed error reporting for XML import of hosts and templates
ZBX-14945 Fixed action popup being unclosable after widget refresh, fixed debug element being hidden on widget refresh
ZBX-14806 Changed focus style for radio buttons
ZBX-15027 Fixed startup failures due to orphaned or zombie processes remaining when zabbix daemon is terminated during startup

Installations- und Upgrade-Hinweise


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