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 +==== 7 Template changes ====
 +This page lists all changes to the stock templates that are shipped with Zabbix. It is suggested to modify these templates in existing installations - depending on the changes, it can be done either by importing the latest version or by performing the change manually.
 +=== Template changes in 2.4.0 ===
 +Due to removal of node-based distributed monitoring, several changes have been made to //Template App Zabbix Server//:
 +  * //Zabbix busy node watcher processes, in %// internal item has been removed;
 +  * //Zabbix node watcher processes more than 75% busy// trigger has been removed;
 +  * //Zabbix busy node watcher processes, in %// internal item has been removed from //Zabbix internal process busy %// graph.
 +=== Template changes in 2.4.4 ===
 +Disk device discovery transfer rate item prototype names now correctly identify item value as bytes per second rather than kilobytes per second in //Template Virt VMware Guest//. The affected items are ''​[{$URL},​{HOST.HOST},​{#​DISKNAME},​bps]''​ and ''​[{$URL},​{HOST.HOST},​{#​DISKNAME},​bps]''​.
 +=== Template changes in 2.4.5 ===
 +Value type was changed from "​Numeric (unsigned)"​ to "​Numeric (float)"​ for items ''​system.stat[kthr,​b]''​ and ''​system.stat[kthr,​r]''​ in //Template OS AIX//. Both items were also added to "​Performance"​ application.
 +=== Template changes in 2.4.7 ===
 +Item **vm.memory.size[total]** moved from "​Filesystems"​ to "​Memory"​ application in //Template OS Windows//.