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> Host object

The following objects are directly related to the host API.


The host object has the following properties.

Property Type Description
hostid string (readonly) ID of the host.
string Technical name of the host.
available integer (readonly) Availability of Zabbix agent.

Possible values are:
0 - (default) unknown;
1 - available;
2 - unavailable.
description text Description of the host.
disable_until timestamp (readonly) The next polling time of an unavailable Zabbix agent.
error string (readonly) Error text if Zabbix agent is unavailable.
errors_from timestamp (readonly) Time when Zabbix agent became unavailable.
flags integer (readonly) Origin of the host.

Possible values:
0 - a plain host;
4 - a discovered host.
inventory_mode integer Host inventory population mode.

Possible values are:
-1 - disabled;
0 - (default) manual;
1 - automatic.
ipmi_authtype integer IPMI authentication algorithm.

Possible values are:
-1 - (default) default;
0 - none;
1 - MD2;
2 - MD5
4 - straight;
5 - OEM;
6 - RMCP+.
ipmi_available integer (readonly) Availability of IPMI agent.

Possible values are:
0 - (default) unknown;
1 - available;
2 - unavailable.
ipmi_disable_until timestamp (readonly) The next polling time of an unavailable IPMI agent.
ipmi_error string (readonly) Error text if IPMI agent is unavailable.
ipmi_errors_from timestamp (readonly) Time when IPMI agent became unavailable.
ipmi_password string IPMI password.
ipmi_privilege integer IPMI privilege level.

Possible values are:
1 - callback;
2 - (default) user;
3 - operator;
4 - admin;
5 - OEM.
ipmi_username string IPMI username.
jmx_available integer (readonly) Availability of JMX agent.

Possible values are:
0 - (default) unknown;
1 - available;
2 - unavailable.
jmx_disable_until timestamp (readonly) The next polling time of an unavailable JMX agent.
jmx_error string (readonly) Error text if JMX agent is unavailable.
jmx_errors_from timestamp (readonly) Time when JMX agent became unavailable.
maintenance_from timestamp (readonly) Starting time of the effective maintenance.
maintenance_status integer (readonly) Effective maintenance status.

Possible values are:
0 - (default) no maintenance;
1 - maintenance in effect.
maintenance_type integer (readonly) Effective maintenance type.

Possible values are:
0 - (default) maintenance with data collection;
1 - maintenance without data collection.
maintenanceid string (readonly) ID of the maintenance that is currently in effect on the host.
name string Visible name of the host.

Default: host property value.
proxy_hostid string ID of the proxy that is used to monitor the host.
snmp_available integer (readonly) Availability of SNMP agent.

Possible values are:
0 - (default) unknown;
1 - available;
2 - unavailable.
snmp_disable_until timestamp (readonly) The next polling time of an unavailable SNMP agent.
snmp_error string (readonly) Error text if SNMP agent is unavailable.
snmp_errors_from timestamp (readonly) Time when SNMP agent became unavailable.
status integer Status and function of the host.

Possible values are:
0 - (default) monitored host;
1 - unmonitored host.
tls_connect integer Connections to host.

Possible values are:
1 - (default) No encryption;
2 - PSK;
4 - certificate.
tls_accept integer Connections from host.

Possible bitmap values are:
1 - (default) No encryption;
2 - PSK;
4 - certificate.
tls_issuer string Certificate issuer.
tls_subject string Certificate subject.
tls_psk_identity string PSK identity. Required if either tls_connect or tls_accept has PSK enabled.
Do not put sensitive information in the PSK identity, it is transmitted unencrypted over the network to inform a receiver which PSK to use.
tls_psk string The preshared key, at least 32 hex digits. Required if either tls_connect or tls_accept has PSK enabled.

Host inventory

The host inventory object has the following properties.

Each property has it's own unique ID number, which is used to associate host inventory fields with items.

ID Property Type Description
4 alias string Alias.
11 asset_tag string Asset tag.
28 chassis string Chassis.
23 contact string Contact person.
32 contract_number string Contract number.
47 date_hw_decomm string HW decommissioning date.
46 date_hw_expiry string HW maintenance expiry date.
45 date_hw_install string HW installation date.
44 date_hw_purchase string HW purchase date.
34 deployment_status string Deployment status.
14 hardware string Hardware.
15 hardware_full string Detailed hardware.
39 host_netmask string Host subnet mask.
38 host_networks string Host networks.
40 host_router string Host router.
30 hw_arch string HW architecture.
33 installer_name string Installer name.
24 location string Location.
25 location_lat string Location latitude.
26 location_lon string Location longitude.
12 macaddress_a string MAC address A.
13 macaddress_b string MAC address B.
29 model string Model.
3 name string Name.
27 notes string Notes.
41 oob_ip string OOB IP address.
42 oob_netmask string OOB host subnet mask.
43 oob_router string OOB router.
5 os string OS name.
6 os_full string Detailed OS name.
7 os_short string Short OS name.
61 poc_1_cell string Primary POC mobile number.
58 poc_1_email string Primary email.
57 poc_1_name string Primary POC name.
63 poc_1_notes string Primary POC notes.
59 poc_1_phone_a string Primary POC phone A.
60 poc_1_phone_b string Primary POC phone B.
62 poc_1_screen string Primary POC screen name.
68 poc_2_cell string Secondary POC mobile number.
65 poc_2_email string Secondary POC email.
64 poc_2_name string Secondary POC name.
70 poc_2_notes string Secondary POC notes.
66 poc_2_phone_a string Secondary POC phone A.
67 poc_2_phone_b string Secondary POC phone B.
69 poc_2_screen string Secondary POC screen name.
8 serialno_a string Serial number A.
9 serialno_b string Serial number B.
48 site_address_a string Site address A.
49 site_address_b string Site address B.
50 site_address_c string Site address C.
51 site_city string Site city.
53 site_country string Site country.
56 site_notes string Site notes.
55 site_rack string Site rack location.
52 site_state string Site state.
54 site_zip string Site ZIP/postal code.
16 software string Software.
18 software_app_a string Software application A.
19 software_app_b string Software application B.
20 software_app_c string Software application C.
21 software_app_d string Software application D.
22 software_app_e string Software application E.
17 software_full string Software details.
10 tag string Tag.
1 type string Type.
2 type_full string Type details.
35 url_a string URL A.
36 url_b string URL B.
37 url_c string URL C.
31 vendor string Vendor.