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Virtual machine discovery key fields

The following table lists fields returned by virtual machine related discovery keys.

Item key
Description Field Retrieved content
Performs cluster discovery. {#CLUSTER.ID} Cluster identifier.
{#CLUSTER.NAME} Cluster name.
Performs hypervisor discovery. {#HV.UUID} Unique hypervisor identifier.
{#HV.ID} Hypervisor identifier (HostSystem managed object name).
{#HV.NAME} Hypervisor name.
{#CLUSTER.NAME} Cluster name, might be empty.
Performs hypervisor datastore discovery. Note that multiple hypervisors can use the same datastore. {#DATASTORE} Datastore name.
Performs virtual machine discovery. {#VM.UUID} Unique virtual machine identifier.
{#VM.ID} Virtual machine identifier (VirtualMachine managed object name).
{#VM.NAME} Virtual machine name.
{#HV.NAME} Hypervisor name.
{#CLUSTER.NAME} Cluster name, might be empty.
Performs virtual machine network interface discovery. {#IFNAME} Network interface name.
Performs virtual machine disk device discovery. {#DISKNAME} Disk device name.
Performs virtual machine file system discovery. {#FSNAME} File system name.