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13 Upgrade notes for 3.0.3

Item changes

  • proc.cpu.util on Solaris: if agent has been compiled on Solaris without zone support but is running on a newer Solaris version where zones are supported and <zone> parameter is default or "current" then the agent will return NOTSUPPORTED (the agent cannot limit results to only current zone). However, <zone> parameter value "all" is supported in this case.

Daemon changes

  • Instead of switching trigger to unknown state if there are no data in period the sum, str, regexp and iregexp functions will return 0.
  • If an “icmppingsec” item would return a value less than 0.0001 seconds, the value will be set to 0.0001 seconds.

Frontend changes

  • The global script result window has regained a header with the script name. Information about the executed command is now displayed as well.
Script result in 3.0.0 Script result in 3.0.3