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41 Upgrade notes for 3.0.31

Non-root permissions implemented for Docker images

Zabbix Docker images have been updated to implement non-root container best practices. Due to the change:

  • All directories have been restricted for the container user, except directories which are required for the container. For example, /etc/zabbix/ with Zabbix component configuration files.
  • Ports 80 and 443 have been changed to 8080 and 8443, because usage of all ports <1024 is restricted for non-privileged users. Zabbix web interface images have been updated to use non-privileged ports 8080, 8443; Zabbix snmptrap images port 1162.
  • All Zabbix images are updated to use a non-privileged user. By default, 'zabbix' with UID 1997.

A known issue: Nginx based images do not run under root. Will be fixed soon.

Docker appliance support dropped

Zabbix Docker Appliance image has been decommissioned and will not be available for 3.0.31 and newer releases. Please use a separate Docker image for each component instead of the all-in-one solution.