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2 Zabbix agent on Microsoft Windows

Configuring the agent

Zabbix agent runs as a Windows service.

You can run a single instance of Zabbix agent or multiple instances of the agent on a Microsoft Windows host. A single instance can use the default configuration file C:\zabbix_agentd.conf or a configuration file specified in the command line. In case of multiple instances each agent instance must have its own configuration file (one of instances can use the default configuration file).

An example configuration file is available in Zabbix source archive as conf/

Step 2

Install agent as a Windows service.

zabbix_agentd.exe --install
On a 64-bit system, a 64-bit Zabbix agent version is required for all checks related to running 64-bit processes to work correctly.

If you wish to use a configuration file other than c:\zabbix_agentd.conf, you should use the following command for service installation:

zabbix_agentd.exe --config <your_configuration_file> --install

A full path to the configuration file should be specified.

Step 3

Run agent.

Now you can use Control Panel to start the agent service or run:

zabbix_agentd.exe --start