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 +==== 9 Template changes ====
 +This page lists all changes to the stock templates that are shipped with Zabbix. It is suggested to modify these templates in existing installations - depending on the changes, it can be done either by importing the latest version or by performing the change manually.
 +=== Template changes in 3.2.0 ===
 +A new ''​service.discovery''​ low-level discovery rule has been added to the //Template OS Windows// template. It contains a ''​[{#​SERVICE.NAME},​state]''​ item prototype that monitors service state.
 +In order to extended //Template OS Windows// template, import it from https://​​wiki/​Zabbix_Templates/​Official_Templates. ​
 +=== Template changes in 3.2.2 ===
 +New items ''​vmware.hv.datastore.size[{$URL},​{HOST.HOST},​{#​DATASTORE}]'',​ ''​vmware.hv.datastore.size[{$URL},​{HOST.HOST},​{#​DATASTORE},​pfree]''​ to monitor VMware datastore capacity were added to template //Template Virt VMware Hypervisor//​ datastore discovery.
 +=== Template changes in 3.2.3 ===
 +The ''​vmware.vm.cpu.ready''​ item unit and description was changed from percentage to milliseconds.