12 Upgrade notes for 5.0.2

Latest data

In the latest data page:

  • Sorting by Last check has been removed
  • Expanding/collapsing applications is not available (it is available again in Zabbix 5.0.3)

Regular expression support in user macro context

Regular expressions are now supported in user macro context, using the following syntax:

{$MACRO:regex:"regular expression"}

If existing macros have the unlikely regex:something string in the context, they will not be automatically converted to regex:"^quoted something$". The change would have to be done manually.

See user macros with context for more information.

EnableRemoteCommands deprecated/unsupported by agents

The EnableRemoteCommands agent parameter is now:

  • deprecated by Zabbix agent
  • unsupported by Zabbix agent2

Use the AllowKey/DenyKey parameters instead.

Enhanced URL widget security

The URL dashboard widget and the URL screen element now put retrieved URL content into the sandbox. By default, all sandbox restrictions are enabled. It is possible to modify sandbox attribute settings in the defines.inc.php file, however turning sandboxing off is not recommended for security reasons. To learn more about the sandbox attribute, please see the sandbox section of the iframe HTML element description.