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20 What's new in Zabbix 5.0.16


Support for MariaDB 10.6.X has been added.

Handling large proxy configuration

Protocol has been improved to support Zabbix proxy configuration of size up to 16 GB. Additionally performance and memory usage have been improved by freeing uncompressed data as fast as possible and compressing before connection.

See also protocol header information.


  • Zabbix agent 2 items proc.num, proc.cpu.utilization, proc.mem have been updated to use the latest functions introduced in Go 1.16 and thus provide better performance. Go version 1.16 or newer is now required for compiling Zabbix agent 2 to ensure correct work of these items and avoid an issue observed when compiling with older Go versions.
  •[], net.if.out[] and[] items on Windows now support the network interface GUID as the first parameter, if included in braces.
  • net.if.discovery on Windows now returns the network interface GUID in the {#IFGUID} macro.
  • system.swap.size[] now behaves differently if no swap is configured. Now in this case it returns '0' as the value with the total, used, free, and pused parameters; it returns '100.0' with pfree. Previously in this case the item would return a not supported error with message "Cannot be calculated because swap file size is 0.".


  • If Zabbix web interface is opened in one of the languages available on the Zabbix website, clicking the Support link will open the Support page in the appropriate language. For all other languages, including English, the Support page will be opened in English.