September 8, 2016

Medieval Welcome Party

In the evening, just before the conference we immersed ourselves in the aura of medieval times by participating in activities with noble heritage and spending time to get to know each other better, surrounded by the antique atmosphere, newfound and old friends.

September 9, 2016

Zabbix Conference - Day 1

Having gathered together for the 6th Zabbix Conference, we were truly happy to welcome the biggest number of the participants of all time.

Just as Zabbix, our conference has grown throughout the years, and we are proud that we can still surprise you with new ideas and a greater scale..

Zabbix Conference Party

After the first official day of the conference, we all spent an evening at the Zabbix Conference Party in the Beer Museum, exploring the history and Latvian traditions of beer brewing while having fun and sincere discussions over delicious dinner in a beer cellar among real beer barrels.

September 10, 2016

Zabbix Conference - Day 2 & Zabbix Movie Night

We began the second day with the newest additions to Zabbix Conference - Zabbix Workshops and Exam. While still filled with emotion and a slight headache from the last night, participants were quick to fill out the workshop rooms, with their minds open to new ideas presented by our Zabbix experts.

After the closing speech, we moved to the final location of this year's conference - the cinema, for a relaxing evening at the movies.

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