Release Notes for Zabbix 2.5.0

Zabbix Team is pleased to announce the availability of Zabbix 2.5.0.

Zabbix is an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution. Zabbix is released under the GPL, thus it is free of charge for both commercial and non-commercial use. A complete text of the license is available at

This document contains the release notes for Zabbix 2.5.0. Download it from download.

The following sections describe the release in details and provide late-breaking or other information that supplements its main documentation.

New Features and Improvements

ZBXNEXT-2662 Implemented a new design for the Zabbix Web interface
ZBXNEXT-2703 Implemented feature to filter dashboard by trigger name
ZBXNEXT-2892 Increased IP range length and added support for tabulation, carriage return and newline characters
ZBXNEXT-2760 Added zabbix[host,,items] and zabbix[host,,items_unsupported] keys to monitor the number of (unsupported) items per host
ZBXNEXT-1219 Added application prototype support to low level discovery rules
ZBX-4344 Added functionality to stop processing escalations if dependent trigger fires
ZBXNEXT-679 Implemented SMTP authentication support
ZBXNEXT-1368 Added Windows service discovery and[] item; thanks to Ryan Armstrong for patch
ZBX-8297 Removed "Triggers info" top line from Monitoring > Triggers page fullscreen view
ZBXNEXT-786 Renamed net.tcp.service[ntp] and net.tcp.service.perf[ntp] to net.udp.service[ntp] and net.udp.service.perf[ntp]
ZBXNEXT-1229 Added support of trigger prototype dependencies
ZBXNEXT-210 Added displaying of the available user macros on host and template level
ZBX-7654 Implemented XML import versioning and fixed various XML validation issues
ZBXNEXT-2800 Increased error field lengths in "hosts" table from 128 to 2048
ZBXNEXT-2495 Improved performance of maps; changed triggers_2 index
ZBXNEXT-2474 Improved value cache low memory mode handling by switching back to normal mode once per day. The current value cache operational mode now can be checked with zabbix[vcache,cache,mode] interval item
ZBXNEXT-2462 Improved nodata() function calculation
ZBX-5813 Added support for spaces in IP ranges in network discovery and action conditions
ZBXNEXT-866 Added IP address in the messages about connections between server and proxy
ZBXNEXT-2724 Removed all deprecated "exists" and "getObjects" API methods, "expandData" parameter in various *.get methods and "selectHosts" parameter from application.get method
ZBXNEXT-2357 Added MVC framework, some pages already take advantage of the framework
ZBXNEXT-444 Improved log file monitoring by saving log file meta information which was previously lost during agent restart
ZBXNEXT-1128 Added support of {HOST.*} and user macros in trigger URL
ZBXNEXT-2619 Added an item for VMware virtual machine CPU ready state monitoring
ZBXNEXT-1493 Changed activity dropdowns at the bottom of various pages to buttons
ZBXNEXT-1554 Added multiple OID support to SNMP low-level discovery rules
ZBXNEXT-2321 Added support for "db.odbc.discovery[]" item for low-level discovery through ODBC
ZBXNEXT-2637 Changed the DB user in the default configuration files to "zabbix", server and proxy timeouts to 4 seconds, LogSlowQueries to 3 seconds and MaxHousekeeperDelete to 5000; listed characters, prohibited in user parameters
ZBXNEXT-756 Added function percentile() to calculated items and trigger expressions
ZBX-9006 Added support for IPv6 addresses to Java gateway
ZBXNEXT-1821 Added "Zabbix" as default user agent, updated outdated user agent strings in web scenario form and improved selection of other user agents
ZBXNEXT-1036 Improved "Most busy triggers top 100" page filter
ZBXNEXT-2602 Minor design and layout improvements
ZBXNEXT-2471 Improved value cache management by resetting item's cached range to the daily request range once per day
ZBXNEXT-2320 Added agent crash handling on Windows to log its stack trace
ZBXNEXT-1078 Added 'proc.mem[]' 5th parameter (memtype) on AIX, FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris; thanks to Johan Fischer and gescheit for agent patches for Linux and FreeBSD
ZBXNEXT-2006 Added {#FSDRIVETYPE} macro to vfs.fs.discovery on Windows
ZBXNEXT-207 Added a runtime control option to force execution of housekeeper
ZBXNEXT-1799 Added support of low-level discovery macros in the "IPMI sensor" field
ZBXNEXT-2079 Added support of low-level discovery macros in the "Units" field
ZBXNEXT-689 Added protocol option to net.dns and net.dns.query keys to enable TCP based queries
ZBXNEXT-2325 Added CPU guest and guest priority metrics to system.cpu.util[] item, supported on Linux kernels starting from 2.6.24 and 2.6.33 respectively

Bug Fixes

ZBX-9608 Improved the aggregate item key description in the frontend
ZBX-9519 Fixed vfs.fs.inode[] behaviour in case of CephFS
ZBX-8902 Made messages 'database is down...' and 'database connection re-established' appear in log at DebugLevel=2
ZBX-8725 Enabled setting DebugLevel=5 in configuration files
ZBX-9699 Optimized initial cache allocation parameters so that server in default configuration would start with minimum cache settings
ZBX-7821 Removed restriction to have log type information for items with key "log", "logrt" and "eventlog"
ZBX-8252 Renamed "Retries" to "Attempts" in web scenario edit form and list view
ZBX-9623 Fixed possible SQL error when network discovery rule and LLD rule are processed at the same time
ZBX-9540 Fixed import/export of the "Host time" clock screen element
ZBX-9142 Made vm.memory.size[available] read MemAvailable from /proc/meminfo on Linux kernels 3.14 and above
ZBX-9414 Fixed sorting, displaying and filtering by trends and interval in items, item prototypes and discovery rules
ZBXNEXT-2791 Synchronised item key helper descriptions and return values from the Zabbix manual
ZBX-9470 Fixed bug when sometimes value cache would try to cache already cached time based request
ZBX-9317 Changed proc.mem[] and proc.num[] to return 0 if the specified user does not exist
ZBX-8513 Changed vm.memory.size[available] key on AIX to return the sum of free and cached memory
ZBX-8993 Added check for a valid reference of a global regular expression for snmptrap[], log[], logrt[] and eventlog[] items and logeventid(), regexp() and iregexp() trigger functions
ZBX-8698 Fixed "Unlink and clear" button being displayed when cloning or full cloning host or template and fixed spacing between "Name" and "Action" in "Linked templates" block in template edit form
ZBX-9018 Fixed updating of "config" table in Administration -> General pages
ZBX-9002 Fixed log file locking during logging
ZBX-8943 Fixed script ordering when using backslashes in popup script menus
ZBX-8922 Fixed form element positioning issues in host add/edit form
ZBX-8934 Removed translation for the bytes unit prefixes (KB, MB, etc)
ZBX-8888 Fixed history.php showing data for 11 more seconds than the defined interval
ZBX-9005 Fixed aggregate item check to make forth parameter not mandatory when third parameter is set to 'last'
ZBX-3437 Fixed Windows agent to use the configured timeout option when establishing TCP connection
ZBX-8542 Improved performance and reduced configuration cache locking when evaluating trigger expressions
ZBX-8470 Fixed possible crash condition in agent, proxy and server daemons where a memory corruption might occur during module unloading
ZBX-8780 Removed hover effect from readonly and disabled fields
ZBX-8844 Fixed testing LDAP authentication
ZBX-8851 Added "-1" and "0" as allowed values for "max_execution_time" and "max_input_time" PHP configuration settings
ZBX-8720 Fixed resolving of macros in graph names when graph name contains strings similar to macros
ZBX-6163 Added session restoring to MySQL connections in case of losing connection to the database
ZBX-8761 Fixed potential lockup if signal is received during message logging
ZBX-8837 Added bypassing of DNS resolver cache on Windows systems for net.dns items
ZBX-8660 Fixed API to disallow deleting of discovered items, triggers and graphs, and add validation so that only allowed fields of discovered entities can be updated
ZBX-8728 Changed item key parameter parsing to use dynamic buffers for parsed parameters
ZBX-8713 Improved screen element resource parameter labels
ZBX-8643 Fixed performance problem in action configuration pages
ZBX-8545 Rewrote net.tcp.listen for Linux kernels 2.6.14 and above to employ the kernel NETLINK interface. Old method of information retrieval also improved
ZBX-8796 Added get_process_info_by_thread() function prototype and renamed server_num, process_type and process_num local variables to eliminate conflict with the local ones
ZBX-8763 Fixed log message printing to syslog and undefined type log if debug level 5 is set
ZBX-8671 Fixed missing existence and permission checks for hosts and host groups
ZBX-7176 Removed empty space in icon buttons and removed help icons from pop-ups
ZBX-8736 Added validation of timestamp values received by the server and sent via zabbix_sender
ZBX-8560 Fixed web scenario HTTP proxy field placeholder content not fitting into input field
ZBX-8570 Fixed colons in frontend filters
ZBX-8659 Fixed graphs in screens not respecting "Show legend" setting when in dynamic mode
ZBX-5166 Replaced '-' with '\-' in man-pages
ZBX-8391 Added stronger command-line parameter validation, revised help and version messages, revised man-pages for Zabbix server, proxy, agent, sender and get utilities
ZBX-8658 Made various changes to ODBC related m4 scripts to improve readability and library function availability

Installation and Upgrade Notes


See Zabbix documentation for full details.


See Upgrade procedure for upgrade options and instructions. For version specific upgrade notes, see Upgrade notes for 2.5.0.

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