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ZABBIX SIA is proud to announce the availability of ZABBIX 1.1.3

ZABBIX is an all-in-one 24x7 monitoring solution without high cost. ZABBIX is released under the GPL, thus it is free of charge for both commercial and non-commercial use. The full license is available at

This document contains the release notes for ZABBIX 1.1.3. The release does not introduce new functionality, it fixes all known issues of ZABBIX 1.1.2.

The following sections describe the release in detail and provide late-breaking or other information that supplements the main documentation.

What's New in 1.1.3

:: More advanced view of Queue

The queue has breakdown by item types.

:: Swedish and Dutch translation

Swedish and Dutch translations has been introduced.

:: Support of environment variable for alert scripts

The following environment variables will be passed to alert scripts:


:: New macro

Added support of macro {EVENT.ID} and {TRIGGER.ID}

:: Misc functionality

  • better processing of units 's', support for units 'uptime'
  • do not refresh view of log files
  • new algorithm for housekeeping same for all DB engines
  • better calculation of next check timestamp for active items
  • history stats removed from Status of ZABBIX report
  • remove left spaces from script full path
  • always draw graphs for items having type "trapper"
  • support of system.swap.size[,pfree] and system.swap.size[,pused]

:: Fixes

  • fixed multipliers fo disk statistics in data.sql
  • fixed processing of SNMP HEX and OCTET string values
  • fixed[] and system.swap.out[] under Linux 2.4
  • fixed occasional LIBSQLORA8-30002: Memory allocation error
  • fixed calculation of nodata()
  • fixed data.sql to set correct item type UIN64 where required
  • fixed data.sql to get rid of incorrect zero multipliers
  • fixed problem when adding a graph under PostgreSQL
  • fixed calculation of delta(#N)
  • fixed situations when latest_alarm() may return wrong value
  • fixed Most Busy trigger report for multi-item triggers
  • fixed possible security issues raised by debian security audit
  • changed all zabbix_log(lev, str) to zabbix_log(lev,"%s", str)
  • introduced secure strcat and strcpy: zbx_strlcat, zbx_strlcpy
  • fixed perofmance problem in Status of Triggers
  • fixed assignment of default listen port for Win agent
  • changed return value for 'net.tcp.port[]' of Win agent
  • added images for postgres
  • fixed reversed icons on maps
  • fixed trigger description substitution in action comporation
  • fixed trigger description substitution in message subject and body

Installation and Upgrade Notes


See the Installation Guide for full details.


You may upgrade from ZABBIX 1.1, 1.1.1, 1.1.2 directly to 1.1.3. It requires recompilation of ZABBIX Server and installation of new front-end only. Optionally you may upgrade your agents.

In order to upgrade from previous releases, no execution of database patches required. See Upgrade Guide for full details on upgrade procedure.

Pre-release testing


ZABBIX Server has been compiled and tested on the following platforms:

  • Ubuntu Linux, AMD64, kernel 2.6.11, MySQL 4.x
  • RedHat AS2 Linux, Intel, kernel 2.4.x, Oracle


ZABBIX Agents have been compiled and tested on the following platforms:

  • AIX 5.2
  • FreeBSD 4.11, 5.4
  • HP-UX 11.00
  • Linux 2.6.11 (Ubuntu)
  • NetBSD 2.0
  • OS/X 10.2
  • Solaris 5.9
  • Tru64 5.1B
  • Windows XP
  • Windows XP 64bit

Note that agents are available pre-compiled from

Commercial support

ZABBIX Company provides full range of professional services. Please contact our sales department for pricing and more details.


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