Release Notes for Zabbix 3.0.5

Zabbix Team is pleased to announce the availability of Zabbix 3.0.5.

Zabbix is an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution. Zabbix is released under the GPL, thus it is free of charge for both commercial and non-commercial use. A complete text of the license is available at

This document contains the release notes for Zabbix 3.0.5. Download it from here.

The following sections describe the release in details and provide late-breaking or other information that supplements its main documentation.

New Features and Improvements

ZBXNEXT-3106 Improved concurrent VMware item polling speed, reduced size of cached VMware data Proxy Server
ZBX-11136 Increased width of input fields Frontend
ZBX-1357 Updated Chinese (China), French, German, Korean, Persian translations; thanks to Zabbix translators API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-3389 Removed value length limitation in zabbix_sender when reading data from file/stream Agent

Bug Fixes

ZBX-11220 Fixed visibility of latest event in Monitoring->Events page Frontend
ZBX-11204 Fixed parameter parsing in calculated items when it contains double quote escaping Server
ZBX-5448 Fixed possible delay when proxy sends cached history to server Proxy Server
ZBX-7595 Fixed long SNMP OID not being accepted Proxy Server
ZBX-7108 Fixed error when upgrading graph_theme table in proxy database from 1.8 to 2.0 Installation
ZBX-9068 Fixed forms behaviour when enter key is pressed Frontend
ZBX-11245 Fixed escaped double quote parsing in quoted parameters in array in item key parameters Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-11175 Fixed compilation failure for OpenBSD 5.8, 5.9, 6.0 Installation
ZBX-11137 Fixed validation of new host group when creating/updating template Frontend
ZBX-11151 Implemented dynamic default sortorder for graph item, default sortorder increases by one with each entry of graph item API Frontend
ZBX-8897 Increased performance of Monitoring->Events page Frontend
ZBX-10758 Added converting of SNMP lld rules in XML import API
ZBX-11131 Removed mistaken support of {ITEM.VALUE} and {ITEM.LASTVALUE} macros in trigger URLs Frontend
ZBX-11143 Added missing space in CTrigger.php SQL query API
ZBX-11040 Added "page navigation" context to translation strings "First" and "Last"; replicated translations for "First" and "Last" in "page navigation" context from 2.2 branch Frontend
ZBX-11070 Disallowed zabbix admin accessing notifications of users that does not share any user group Frontend
ZBX-11057 Fixed drawing lines of items with scheduled interval when graph data is selected from trends Frontend
ZBX-8801 Made "Trigger status" be always remembered in "Monitoring" -> "Triggers" and "Monitoring" -> "Overview", even if "All" Frontend
ZBX-10974 Fixed filter being reset when moving to a different page in "Monitoring" -> "Triggers" Frontend
ZBX-11020 Fixed "host.create" so that both "inventory" and "inventory_mode" are optional API
ZBX-8489 Removed ODBC request answer size limitation Proxy Server
ZBX-10830 Fixed SNMP trap to convert non-printable values from SNMPv3 to hexadecimal Server
ZBX-11071 Fixed closing success and error messages in IE Frontend
ZBX-11124 Fixed memory leak in process of deleting hosts, which occurs during lld processing Server
ZBX-11109 Fixed processing of parameter HousekeepingFrequency=0 in proxy Proxy
ZBX-11099 Reduced configuration cache lock time after host maintenance ends Server
ZBX-9413 Fixed disabled hosts linking to a maintenance Server
ZBX-11100 Fixed minor bugs and use of magic numbers in IP range parsers Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-11072 Fixed problem with string truncation for IBM DB2 databases which contain the char '\r' Server
ZBX-11081 Fixed compilation error with curl library Installation
ZBX-10901 Added missing highlighting for some UI elements in focused state Frontend
ZBXNEXT-3351 Decreased padding in screens to make them more compact Frontend
ZBX-11059 Fixed duplicate notifications sending from one media type Server
ZBX-11073 Fixed compilation with Net-SNMP library support Installation Proxy Server
ZBX-10263 Fixed incorrect record count in getPagingLine() when search limit is reached Frontend
ZBX-10621 Fixed hanging of dragged widget while updating content Frontend
ZBX-10621 Removed excessive white space in dashboard Frontend
ZBX-10713 Fixed incorrect macro {ESC.HISTORY} that gathers history about one event to different actions Server
ZBX-10759 Fixed trigger prototypes status when host become unavailable Server
ZBX-10971 Fixed memory leak when action is removed from configuration Server
ZBX-10721 Made the third parameter (<port>) of "net.tcp.service" optional Agent Server
ZBX-11015 Fixed proc.cpu.util for non-privileged agent on Solaris Agent
ZBX-10753 Fixed server reconnection attempts to MySQL on start and while running in case MySQL stopped or restarting Server
ZBX-11012 Fixed expansion of macro {DISCOVERY.RULE.NAME} Server
ZBX-10504 Reduced padding around graphs to account for decreased padding in CSS Frontend
ZBX-10591 Fixed header widget being broken by selects with long values Frontend
ZBX-10987 Fixed table header line not being visible in dark theme Frontend
ZBX-10797 Fixed evaluation of user macros in calculated items Server

Installation and Upgrade Notes


See Zabbix指导手册。 for full details.


See 升级指南 for upgrade options and instructions. For version specific upgrade notes, see Upgrade notes for 3.0.5.

Commercial support

Zabbix Company provides a full range of Professional Services. We also provide trouble-free 升级服务 for easy migration from earlier versions of Zabbix. Please 联系我们 for pricing and more details.


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