Release Notes for Zabbix 6.0.0rc1

Zabbix Team is pleased to announce the availability of Zabbix 6.0.0rc1.

Zabbix is an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution. Zabbix is released under the GPL, thus it is free of charge for both commercial and non-commercial use. A complete text of the license is available at

This document contains the release notes for Zabbix 6.0.0rc1. Download it from download.

The following sections describe the release in details and provide late-breaking or other information that supplements its main documentation.

New Features and Improvements

ZBXNEXT-7414 Added new tags to all templates
ZBXNEXT-7125 Added new widget "Top hosts"; deprecated widget "Data overview"
ZBXNEXT-7411 Replaced signals with IPC messages for most of internal runtime control option processing
ZBXNEXT-4635 Added templates for Kubernetes Controlplane and Kubestate metrics
ZBXNEXT-7107 Added Item popup menu in Latest data; added new links in Configuration Items popup menu and Item prototypes popup menu
ZBXNEXT-7409 Added native support for the vfs.dir.size and vfs.dir.count keys in Zabbix agent 2
Allowed textual types of information for Calculated items
ZBXNEXT-7389 Changed templates to use no linked templates, moved OS templates from the classic folder to the os folder
ZBXNEXT-6687 Implemented subfilter and named filters for latest data section
ZBXNEXT-7101 Implemented sleep function into JS engine
ZBXNEXT-6861 Updated Zabbix proxy templates according to the latest guidelines
ZBXNEXT-7078 Added pfsense template
ZBXNEXT-7033 Anchored modal dialogues to avoid their repositioning during interactions
ZBXNEXT-669 Added maintenance status icon to Latest Data page
ZBXNEXT-6999 Implemented SLA, SLA reports and SLA report widget
ZBXNEXT-6875 Added native support for the system.hw.chassis and system.hw.devices keys in Zabbix agent 2
ZBXNEXT-2485 Moved odbc poller into separate poller type
ZBXNEXT-7109 Changed runtime control options to connecto to zabbix server/proxy using socket rather than sending signals
Implemented complete audit logging of maintenance API object; added strict validation for maintenance.create, maintenance.update, maintenance.delete API methods
ZBXNEXT-7115 Removed deprecated support of user macros in item names
ZBXNEXT-3140 Added {ITEM.STATE.ERROR},{LLDRULE.STATE.ERROR},{TRIGGER.STATE.ERROR} macros to indicate error messages in internal monitoring alerts
ZBXNEXT-6958 Added external plugin loader for Zabbix agent 2
ZBXNEXT-7092 Improved usability for Latest data and Hosts views
ZBXNEXT-4922 Added support for pcre2
ZBXNEXT-7112 Added new fields in PROMETHEUS_PATTERN preprocessing in templates Etcd, Vault, Linux
ZBXNEXT-7049 Added aggregation options to prometheus pattern preprocessing step, added bulk preprocessing for dependent items
ZBXNEXT-7100 Added new LLD macro HV.NETNAME to vmware.hv.discovery
Implemented complete audit logging of templates; added strict validation for template.create, template.update, template.delete, template.massadd, template.massupdate, template.massremove API methods
ZBXNEXT-6966 Added single item widget
ZBXNEXT-7085 Extended 'formula' field in 'actions' table from 255 to 1024 characters
ZBXNEXT-7031 Upgraded Oracle by ODBC template for using config string in items
Added baseline monitoring functions baslinewma,baselinedev
ZBXNEXT-6250 Added option to opt-out of "escalation canceled" messages
ZBXNEXT-6593 Added support of persistent files for restoring log item state after agent restart
ZBXNEXT-7070 Transferred host and template mass update template inputs to main tab
ZBXNEXT-7018 Transferred template and group input to main tabs
ZBXNEXT-6955 Added trendstl() anomaly detection function
ZBXNEXT-6936 Added possibility to reload user parameters without restarting Zabbix Agent
ZBXNEXT-3706 Added support for utf8mb4 encoding with utf8mb4_bin collation on mysql and mariadb
ZBXNEXT-6921 Introduced support of primary keys for history tables
ZBXNEXT-712 Added new item vfs.dir.get[] for Agent and Agent2
ZBXNEXT-6945 Implemented geographical map widget
ZBXNEXT-6651 Added new item agent.variant for Agent and Agent2
Implemented audit logging of action API object
ZBXNEXT-6950 Implemented changecount() trigger function
ZBXNEXT-6677 Added cpu percent field to docker.container_stats key for docker plugin in Zabbix agent 2 and docker template
ZBXNEXT-7014 Updated README for a newer version of PagerDuty
ZBXNEXT-7001 Added support High availability cluster in Zabbix server health/Remote Zabbix server health template
Added High availability cluster support
ZBXNEXT-6896 Added automatic Item type suggestion
ZBXNEXT-7004 Implemented service cloning
Implemented audit logging of services API object
ZBXNEXT-2475 Added handling of compressed content to web monitoring
ZBXNEXT-6782 Added new parameters for system.hostname
ZBXNEXT-6757 Added ability to create/edit hosts via modal form
ZBXNEXT-6837 Added VMWare SD-WAN VeloCloud template
ZBXNEXT-6869 Removed positional macros in item name
ZBXNEXT-6677 Added cpu percent field to docker.container_stats key for docker plugin in Zabbix agent 2
ZBXNEXT-6608 Added support for vmware key named 'vmware.hv.sensors.get'
ZBXNEXT-6644 Added support for vmware key named 'vmware.hv.maintenance'
ZBXNEXT-6954 Added new macros for debugging trigger expressions
ZBXNEXT-6930 Removed Monitoring -> Overview
Implemented complete audit logging of host groups; added strict validation for hostgroup.massadd, hostgroup.massupdate, hostgroup.massremove API methods; changed sortfield used in audit log report to auditid
ZBXNEXT-6970 Added templates for "MikroTik" Ethernet routers and Switches
ZBXNEXT-6879 Implemented new history functions "rate", "bucket_rate_foreach" and "bucket_percentile" and math function "histogram_quantile"
Implemented audit logging of correlation API object
ZBXNEXT-6428 Moved plugins config options to separate files
ZBXNEXT-2406 Implemented service problem root cause analysis
Implemented audit logging of mediatype API object; refactored mediatype.create, mediatype.update and mediatype.delete
ZBXNEXT-6888 Added template "InfluxDB by HTTP"
Implemented audit logging of image and iconmap API objects
Implemented API method history.clear - history cleanup for items and web scenarios
ZBXNEXT-6809 Changed behavior of the vmware event log, the 'skip' option of the new item resets the VMware event cache
ZBXNEXT-6822 Added Github media type
ZBX-20010 Fixed crash in zabbix-proxy-sqlite3 caused by uninitialized pointer in db_version_info struct
Implemented audit logging of script API object
ZBXNEXT-6912 Implemented audit for server (processing LLD graphs)
ZBXNEXT-6911 Implemented audit for server (processing LLD triggers)
ZBXNEXT-6750 Added IgnoreURLCertErrors configuration option to web service
Implemented audit logging of global macro API object
Implemented audit logging of dashboard and templatedashboard API object
Implemented audit logging of report API object
Restored audit logging of user login and logout actions; implemented logging of failed login attempts by non-existing users; added new API method user.unblock
ZBXNEXT-6871 Implemented audit for server (processing Web scenarios)
ZBXNEXT-6898 Added restriction that prevents server and proxy from working with old unsupported databases
Implemented audit logging of proxy API object
Implemented audit logging of authentication, autoregistration, housekeeping and settings API objects
Implemented audit logging of module API object
Added RegExp API object
ZBXNEXT-6840 Improved protocol to support Zabbix proxy configuration of size up to 16 GB; improved performance and memory usage by freeing uncompressed data as fast as possible and compressing before connection
ZBXNEXT-6784 Removed item being unsupported when swap is not configured
ZBXNEXT-6856 Implemented audit for server (linking templates - graphs, graph prototypes)
ZBXNEXT-6855 Implemented audit for server (linking templates - triggers, trigger prototypes)
ZBXNEXT-6852 Updated localization for Zabbix Support URL; replaced Zabbix Share link with link to Zabbix Integrations
ZBXNEXT-6787 Added support of user permissions for service tree
ZBXNEXT-6824 Replaced simple macros with expression macros
ZBXNEXT-6870 Implemented support of additional HTTP methods for webhooks
Implemented audit logging of usergroup API object
ZBXNEXT-6830 Implemented audit on server (processing discovered items)
ZBXNEXT-6817 Implemented audit for server (linking templates - items, items prototypes, discovery rules)
ZBXNEXT-6820 Added utf8mb3 when checking for supported mysql character sets and collations
Added logging of deleted tokens when deleting a user
ZBXNEXT-6789 Added template for Travis CI
ZBXNEXT-6800 Implemented complex service status calculation and propagation rules
Implemented new audit log; added new auditlog to user and token API
ZBXNEXT-6810 Implemented audit on server (processing of LLD rules and discovered hosts)
ZBXNEXT-6802 Implemented audit for server (linking templates - host, host prototypes)
ZBXNEXT-6702 Added {#FSLABEL} macro in item names of the "Windows filesystems by Zabbix agent/agent active" templates, changed vfs.file.cksum[/etc/passwd] key to vfs.file.cksum[/etc/passwd,sha256] in Unix templates
ZBXNEXT-6813 Dropped support of British English as frontend language
ZBXNEXT-6688 Added new items for Agent and Agent2
ZBXNEXT-6601 Added monoinc() and monodec() functions
Implemented audit for server (except for linking and LLD)
ZBXNEXT-6772 Added new prometheus label matching operators != and !~
Made auditlog workable with new auditlog DB structure
ZBXNEXT-4029 Implemented password policy support
ZBXNEXT-6773 Added new aggregation functions count, exists_foreach and item_count
ZBXNEXT-6755 Added support of alerting in services
ZBXNEXT-3022 Improved scalability of services
ZBXNEXT-6674 Added tag based mapping of problems in services
Moved auditlog calls from frontend sections Images, Proxies, Graphs and Graph prototypes, Services, and Maps to API
ZBXNEXT-6679 Improved performance of template linking on Zabbix Server
ZBXNEXT-284 Added timeout parameter to zabbix_sender and zabbix_get

Bug Fixes

ZBX-20509 Changed host group in Squid, Hikvision, Morningstar templates
ZBX-20396 Fixed expression for "Calculated value of innodb_log_file_size" item in MySQL templates
ZBX-20415 Fixed host list page showing incorrect default interface
ZBX-17748 Improved host graphs page
ZBX-20508 Fixed console error when creating or editing host prototypes
ZBX-20504 Fixed impossibility to select a service in conditions of service actions
ZBX-20481 Fixed warning in log when updgrading Zabbix proxy database
ZBX-19356 Fixed failure when editing Templates caused by exceeding max_input_vars limit
ZBX-20267 Fixed browser error when using dynamic rows
ZBX-20485 Fixed cancel button not working when creating a new discovery rule
ZBX-20494 Fixed multiple hintbox issue upon widget updates
ZBX-20432 Fixed impossibility to import templates with triggers mapping to hosts with numeric names
ZBX-20225 Fixed host modal window not opening on many pages
ZBX-20453 Fixed Agent 2 compilation issues on macOS
ZBX-20359 Fixed export on Monitoring Problems page getting out of sync with filter
ZBX-19961 Fixed possible crash due to trigger functions being updated during LLD
ZBX-20300 Fixed displaying extra decimal digits in vertical scales of graphs for item units prefixed with "!"
ZBX-20444 Fixed Agent and Agent 2 compilation with libpcre2 on Windows
ZBX-20460 Fixed color-picker not updating selected color in its input element
ZBX-20446 Fixed housekeeper failure when deleting auditlog entries; thanks to Yuuki Enomoto for the patch
ZBX-20420 Increased storage size of the 'parameters' field of the 'alerts' table for Oracle backend
ZBX-20416 Fixed vfs.file.owner to display unknown user:group numerically instead of error
ZBX-20288 Fixed cloning services twice hitting enter key in configuration form
ZBX-20293 Fixed icmpping items group becomes not supported due to error in interval detection
ZBX-20428 Fixed table headers above the graph area in Graph widget configuration form
ZBX-20342 Fixed keyboard navigation for colorpicker
ZBX-20417 Fixed vfs.file.get error for HP-UX; thanks to Yuuki Enomoto for the patch
ZBX-20175 Changed functions with disabled history/trends to return error
ZBX-20436 Fixed hardcoded -lpcre in Agent 2 embedded C code
ZBX-20431 Fixed template import button shown out of bounds
ZBX-19991 Fixed template import of dependent items and item prototypes having newly created master item
ZBX-20316 Added macro for password and changed conf file in postgresql by user parameters template
ZBX-20303 Fixed trigger name in MSSQL template
ZBX-19456 Changed zbx_trends_parse_range() behavior for zero time period, added test cases
ZBX-20246 Fixed unpredictable choice of vmware hv ip for HA mode of management interface
ZBX-19565 Fixed agent2 to return the same 255 code as agent1 when key does not find service
ZBX-20371 Fixed crash in Agent2 when monitoring log files
ZBX-20204 Fixed range check for perfcounter in agent2 on windows
ZBX-20382 Updated jquery version
ZBX-20383 Updated logback-core, logback-classic and slf4j-api jars to the latest stable versions
ZBX-20384 Fixed possibility to view setup pages by non-superadmin if config already file exists
ZBX-20388 Fixed XSS vulnerability in multiselect
ZBX-19815 Fixed multiple data convertion issues in import between versions 1.8/2.0 and 5.0
ZBX-20405 Improved timeouts in JS
ZBX-19669 Fixed success message not showing when no fields were changed in Administration->Authentication page
ZBX-20269 Added handling of performance counter with negative denominator value
ZBX-20143 Fixed tcp timeout not working in net.dns.record
ZBX-20292 Fixed LLD overrides for item for particular corner-case
ZBX-20236 Improved memory consumption in Zabbix proxy trappers by moving configuration sync between database and cache to configuration syncer; improved trappers and listeners memory consumption by freeing received data after it was processed instead of after new data is received
ZBX-20330 Added handling of nan/inf values in ipmi discovery
ZBX-19185 Fixed free bytes calculation for temporary tablespace in Oracle by ODBC and by agent2 template
ZBX-20377 Implemented hmac-sha256 for server for scheduled reports cookies
ZBX-20258 Fixed tags processing for Zammad media type
ZBX-20350 Changed hash algo for encrypted cookies
ZBX-20164 Fixed agent2 crash caused by wmi metrics
ZBX-20249 Fixed escalator query failure on Oracle
ZBX-19351 Fixed event correlation query failure on Oracle
ZBX-20270 Fixed XSS vulnerability, max zoom level validation, inventory field processing and initial view hintbox text in geomap widget
ZBX-20328 Fixed incomplete inheritance of items, item prototypes, lld rules, host prototypes, when user with type "Admin" was edited them on template which is linked to non-permitted for him templates or hosts
ZBX-20232 Added HA node table cleanup on startup
ZBX-20113 Fixed items value map for VMware template
ZBX-20341 Moved zbx_ipc_service_init_env() to MAIN_ZABBIX_ENTRY
ZBX-20311 Returned the value -1 for bucket_percentile() and histogram_quantile() if bucket[+inf] = 0
ZBX-20276 Fixed parameter parsing error in bucket_percentile
ZBX-20278 Fixed XSS attack vulnerability in scheduled report configuration form
ZBX-20060 Fixed trigger expression for memory monitoring in F5 Big-IP SNMP template
ZBX-20075 Fixed trigger expression for certificate monitoring in F5 Big-IP SNMP template
ZBX-19704 Fixed item pattern in "Zabbix server health" dashboard
ZBX-20240 Added integration tests for trigger state
ZBX-18389 Fixed sql query for 32 and 64 bit xids postgresql versions in postgresql by user parameters template
ZBX-18474 Fixed regexp in macros in Template Module Windows Services
ZBX-19651 Fixed problem escalation when at least one of the hosts in a trigger expression is not in maintenance
ZBX-19897 Updated postgresql templates and plugin files
ZBX-20120 Fixed import of several hosts assigned to different proxies
ZBX-20238 Fixed linking templates with trigger prototypes
ZBX-20178 Fixed action webhook failure when return value is not required
ZBX-19806 Added support of multiple header fields in JS method getHeaders()
ZBX-20192 Fixed quote expansion in command execution in agent2 on windows
ZBX-19924 Fixed trigger expression and calculated items not allowing to specify timeshift that ends in future even if it starts in the past
ZBX-19973 Fixed event list hintbox field validation
ZBX-20294 Fixed typo in system information table
ZBX-20170 Fixed trigger expression testing constructor for monoinc and monodec functions
ZBX-20268 Fixed disabled button issue when cloning a service
ZBX-19514 Fixed disc utilization metric for windows discs discovery
ZBX-19866 Fixed possible duplication of server log messages with first network error or interface activation
ZBX-20177 Added acnowledgeid index for alerts table
ZBX-19587 Fixed Zabbix Java gateway error message when object or attribute is not found
ZBX-20176 Fixed trigger not being calculated for first value when item changes state to supported; fixed build failure when DES is disabled in Net-SNMP; fixed tests on big-endian systems
ZBX-20150 Fixed special characters escaping in markdown parsing of the Telegram media type
ZBX-19888 Fixed selectUpdateOperations option not accepting "extend" value in Actions API
ZBX-20200 Fixed PHP runtime errors when updating media type
ZBX-20186 Fixed incorrect count of result rows reported by API
ZBX-20097 Added celsius support to vmware unitInfo
ZBX-18944 Fixed the fields size for LLD validation of triggers.description and item_preproc.params
ZBX-20085 Fixed build on Solaris; thanks to Yuuki Enomoto for the patch
ZBX-20158 Added label to standalone server and fixed issue caused by setup step skew
ZBX-19926 Fixed Zabbix agent crashing when reading event log on Windows Server 2022
ZBX-20139 Renamed ExternalAddress to NodeAddress and removed ListenIP/Port dependency
ZBX-20080 Fixed error message
ZBX-20137 Fixed HA node not to become active after restart if there is another node that can take over
ZBX-20003 Fixed update and discard intervals in generic snmp and some other templates
ZBX-20032 Fixed server crash when restarting monitored vmware vc
ZBX-19912 Fixed mysql.db.size, mysql.replication.get_slave_status and pgsql.custom.query items for Zabbix agent 2
ZBX-19963 Fixed macro with regular expression for serial numbers discovery in cisco template
ZBX-19958 Fixed macro with regular expression for interfaces discovery in OS linux templates
ZBX-20132 Fixed item type mismatch warning not getting removed for non-matching key
ZBX-20125 Fixed invalid argument error in trigger test
ZBX-18975 Fixed item value being truncated in item test form
ZBX-20124 Fixed incorrect number of days in the error message when the display period is exceeded
ZBX-20123 Fixed svg graph widgets not displaying data for certain time periods
ZBX-20065 Fixed count() function gt,ge,lt,le operations
ZBX-19958 Fixed macro with regular expression for interfaces discovery in OS linux template
ZBX-18611 Fixed division by zero error due to small graph size when using gradient lines
ZBX-20079 Fixed web scenarios import / export error when authentication method is kerberos
ZBX-18988 Added vm.vmemory.size metric to Zabbix agent 2 for Windows
ZBX-19569 Changed linked template "Zabbix agent" to "Zabbix agent active" in templates "Windows by Zabbix agent active" and "Linux by Zabbix agent active"
ZBX-19872 Removed redundant escaping in XML data of HTTP agent POST request
ZBX-19920 Changed setup instruction in README of the "IIS by Zabbix agent" template
ZBX-19237 Changed condition in SQL request of pgsql.connections.sum.waiting item in DB PostgreSQL template to exclude rows with idle state
ZBX-20019 Fixed README file in Oracle by Zabbix Agent 2 template
ZBX-19760 Fixed interface operstate valuemap in the linux templates
ZBX-20017 Added new metrics, fixed update intervals in the "F5 Big-IP" template
ZBX-20077 Fixed possible collision of audit entities for server in json
ZBX-20089 Fixed server crash during network discovery when default inventory mode is not Disabled
ZBXNEXT-6708 Fixed 3rd parameter for Zabbix agent 2 web.certificate.get plugin
ZBX-20006 Fixed Zabbix server must not audit default DB values
ZBX-20008 Removed curl and ldap linkage from agent2
ZBX-19997 Fixed too long URL error when performing background page refresh
ZBX-20021 Fixed impossibility to import media types of type script with parameters from previous versions
ZBX-19889 Fixed server not updating trigger dependencies and other data during linking
ZBX-20001 Fixed crash and invalid bytecode error being generated on big-sendian systems when javascript is used; upgraded duktape to version 2.6
ZBX-19419 Fixed not refreshing graph widgets on dashboards
ZBX-19604 Increased storage size of fields item_preproc.params, triggers.description and media_type_message.message for Oracle backend
ZBX-19781 Fixed server not linking host prototype inventory mode
ZBX-19978 Fixed SQL errors when trying to get count of the interfaces
ZBX-19774 Fixed README examples
ZBX-19776 Fixed README file
ZBX-19284 Added smart.disk.attr.raw item, removed unit for smart.disk.hours item in "SMART by Zabbix agent 2" template
ZBX-19899 Fixed mass update not working across pages
ZBX-19584 Increased width for Subscriptions section of Scheduled reports to avoid text clipping
ZBX-19580 Fixed date format mismatch in UI elements that are loaded via JavaScript
ZBX-19683 Fixed editable UI tags component for discovered host edit form
ZBX-19883 Fixed broken secret text macro button style
ZBX-19848 Fixed vmware perf counters that return percentage values
ZBX-19939 Fixed typo in Clickhouse Template README
ZBX-20014 Fixed server audit to generate CUID during entry creation instead of audit flush
ZBX-20015 Fixed Zabbix agent not being able to retrieve active checks configuration on Windows
ZBX-19989 Fixed audit flush when used with Oracle
ZBX-19954 Fixed updating of the "subject" and "message" parameters in scheduled reports
ZBX-19923 Fixed incorrect audit after context name change in host prototype
ZBX-19814 Added ignoring final result in case if fping quits on a signal
ZBX-19952 Removed libmodbus linkage from server and proxy
ZBX-19914 Fixed Web scenarios fields update during template linking
ZBX-19931 Fixed crash on big-endian systems when processing history
ZBX-19440 Added utf-8 support to zbx_set_json_strerror
ZBX-19864 Fixed preprocessing of "Checkpoint sync time" item, fixed the regex in preprocessing in the "Ping time" item, fixed SQL request in the "Get transactions" item in "DB PostgreSQL" template
ZBX-19614 Fixed proc.num,proc.cpu.utilization,proc.mem metrics not working properly when compiled with unsupported Go version and improved performance by using functions introduced in Go 1.16
ZBX-19120 Fixed escaping values in resolved macros in item test form for HTTP items when Request body type is JSON or XML
ZBX-19850 Fixed unnecessary updates of database records in the report.update() method
ZBX-19712 Fixed unavailable interface to affect only Zabbix agent checks,SNMP agent checks, IPMI checks and JMX monitoring
ZBX-19635 Fixed build failure when DES is disabled in Net-SNMP or when LTO is used
ZBX-19817 Fixed module config not being stored in database when module is discovered
ZBX-19675 Fixed Zabbix agent 2 -R windows service crash
ZBX-19865 Fixed typos in "F5 Big-IP SNMP" template
ZBX-19835 Fixed incorrect master item in template "Hikvision camera by HTTP"
ZBX-19849 Fixed a trigger name typo in the "MSSQL by ODBC" template
ZBX-19613 Fixed Zabbix agent 2 redis plugin to closer match redis-cli connection
ZBX-19510 Fixed re-reading of old Windows events for various Windows event system synchronization problems
ZBX-16803 Fixed ability to use Interface Guid in network interface LLD
ZBX-19236 Fixed task manager constantly busy with close_problem task if trigger no longer exists but event still exist
ZBX-19581 Fixed untranslated and incorrectly translated strings
ZBX-18680 Fixed multi-channel notification issue in "Slack" media type
ZBX-19822 Fixed Zabbix server not to populate housekeeper table with tasks that are never deleted when TimescaleDB partitioning is used
ZBX-19623 Fixed Jira Service Desk URL in webhook
ZBX-19857 Dropped support for the non-working option "with_gui_access" in the usergroup.get() method
ZBX-19395 Changed version in links of the templates and the media

Installation and Upgrade Notes


See Zabbix指导手册。 for full details.


See 升级指南 for upgrade options and instructions. For version specific upgrade notes, see Upgrade notes for 6.0.0.

Commercial support

Zabbix Company provides a full range of Professional Services. We also provide trouble-free 升级服务 for easy migration from earlier versions of Zabbix. Please 联系我们 for pricing and more details.


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