10 Rebranding


There are several ways in which you can customize and rebrand your Zabbix frontend installation:

  • replace the Zabbix logo with a desired one
  • hide links to Zabbix Support and Zabbix Share
  • set a custom link to the Help page
  • change copyright in the footer

How to

To begin with, you need to create a PHP file and save it as local/conf/brand.conf.php. The contents of the file should be the following:

       return [];

This will hide the links to Zabbix Support and Zabbix Share.

To use a custom logo, add the following line to the array from the previous listing:

'BRAND_LOGO' => '{Path to an image on the disk or URL}',

Any image format supported by modern browsers can be used: JPG, PNG, SVG, BMP, WebP and GIF.

A custom logo will not be scaled, resized or modified in any way, and will be displayed in its original size and proportions, but may be cropped to fit in the corresponding place.

To set a custom copyright notice, add BRAND_FOOTER to the array from the first listing. Please be aware that HTML is not supported here. Setting BRAND_FOOTER to an empty string will hide the copyright notes completely (but the footer will stay in place).

'BRAND_FOOTER' => '{text}',
Custom help location

To replace the default Help link with a link of your choice, add BRAND_HELP_URL to the array from the first listing.

File example
       return [
           'BRAND_LOGO' => './images/custom_logo.png',
           'BRAND_FOOTER' => '© Zabbix',
           'BRAND_HELP_URL' => 'https://www.example.com/help/'