23 Upgrade notes for 6.0.13

Breaking changes

Loadable plugin versioning

Loadable plugins for Zabbix agent 2 now use the same versioning system as Zabbix itself. The following version changes have been made:

  • MongoDB 1.2.0 -> MongoDB 6.0.13
  • PostgreSQL 1.2.1 -> PostgreSQL 6.0.13

These plugins are supported for any minor version of Zabbix 6.0. Note that source code repository for each plugin now contains a dedicated release/6.0 branch (previously, there was only master branch).

Configuration import

See changes in the configuration import process.

Query separate tablespaces in Oracle databases with Zabbix agent 2

The following Zabbix agent 2 items, supported for the Oracle plugin, now have additional optional parameters:

  • oracle.diskgroups.stats[<existingParameters>,<diskgroup>]
  • oracle.archive.info[<existingParameters>,<destination>]
  • oracle.cdb.info[<existingParameters>,<database>]
  • oracle.pdb.info[<existingParameters>,<database>]
  • oracle.ts.stats[<existingParameters>,<tablespace>,<type>]

These parameters allow to query separate instances of data instead of all data, thus improving performance.

Open file descriptor limit increase for Zabbix agent 2

The systemd service file shipped in Zabbix agent 2 packages now declares the open file descriptor limit of 8196. Previously, the system default limit of 1024 has been used. The new limit is sufficient for the default Zabbix agent 2 configuration. If you have a non-standard agent 2 configuration, for example, use additional plugins or extended features, this limit may need to be manually increased further. In this case, adjust the LimitNOFILE parameter in the systemd unit file.