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 +===== 5 What's new in Zabbix 6.0.0 =====
 +<note important>​ Zabbix 6.0.0 is not released yet.</​note>​
 +==== Services ====
 +=== Alerting ===
 +It is now possible to receive automated alerts about service status changes, similar to the alerts about trigger status changes. New [[manual/​config/​notifications/​action|action type]] //Service actions// has been added to the //Actions// menu. Service actions may include steps for problem, recovery, and update operations related to services. It is possible to configure two types of actions: sending a message to the specified recipients and executing a remote command on Zabbix server. Similarly to //Trigger actions//, ​ //Service actions// support problem [[manual/​config/​notifications/​action/​escalations|escalation]] scenarios. ​
 +New message templates //​Service//,​ //Service recovery//, and //Service update// have been added to [[manual/​config/​notifications/​media#​common_parameters|media types]] and should be defined to enable correct sending of notifications for //Service actions//​. ​
 +==== Zabbix get and Zabbix sender timeout ====
 +Zabbix get and Zabbix sender utilities now support a ''​-t <​seconds>''​ or ''​%%--%%timeout <​seconds>''​ timeout parameter. The valid range is:
 +  * 1-30 seconds for Zabbix get (default: 30 seconds)
 +  * 1-300 seconds for Zabbix sender (default: 60 seconds)
 +==== Prometheus queries ====
 +Zabbix Prometheus preprocessing [[manual/​config/​items/​itemtypes/​prometheus|query language]] now supports two additional label matching operators: ​
 +  * **!=** -- select labels that are not equal to the provided string;
 +  * **!~** -- select labels that do not regex-match the provided string.