Advanced Zabbix Data Pre-processing

The course will cover how to extract and transform information from different sources using Zabbix built-in functionality - without using external tools or scripts. The course is entirely based on possibilities offered by Zabbix 6.0 frontend; the command line would not be accessed at all. Every preprocessing step will be explained in detail with examples, and almost all of them will have practical tasks.

The course is designed for users with basic Zabbix knowledge who wants to understand Zabbix preprocessing options on an expert level. It does not require any existing Zabbix certification.

Products covered Zabbix 6.0
Format Classroom
Group size In groups up to 20 persons
期間 1日間
Course requirements None

Acquired skills and knowledge

  • Transform collected metrics with a variety of methods
  • Calculated delta values from counter metrics, such as network traffic, dropped packets and other metrics
  • Extract metrics from unstructured string data, such as log entries
  • Extract metrics from Structured JSON and XML data collected from web applications and other endpoints
  • Write custom JavaScript code to perform complex data transformations
  • Reduce data collection performance overhead by collecting data in bulk and extracting the required metrics
  • Validate the collected metrics and detect unexpected values
  • Optimize discrete data collection by using Zabbix data throttling features

Course program

Day 1

Course attendance certificate

There is no exam after the course, but every attendee gets an official Zabbix certificate.

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