Get involved!

Why to contribute to Zabbix plugins?

  1. By contributing to Zabbix you gain recognition in community and potential customers for new plugins development
  2. A better understanding of Zabbix Agent2 and Zabbix Frontend plugins
  3. Helps in being prepared for the next monitoring project
  4. Sharing plugin code reduce future development and testing costs
  5. Builds the contributor’s reputation
  6. It helps Zabbix team to improve plugins interface and make plugins code clean

Contributor License Agreement

Before sending your first change to the Zabbix you must have completed one of the following two Contributor License Agreements (CLA). Which CLA you should sign depends on who owns the copyright to your work.

Follow the steps described in the contributor agreement.

If you need to change the copyright holder for the code you contribute (for example, if you start contributing code on behalf of a new company), please send mail to [email protected] This will let us know the situation so we can make sure an appropriate agreement is completed.


After you CLA is approved and you have Zabbix account you are ready to contribute. Collaboration with Zabbix development team happen through ticketing system You will find Zabbix code at and should be able to:

  1. Create new feature ticket ZBXCTR or implement already reported.
  2. Create branch of type contrib/ZBXCTR-<TicketID>-<Version> and make your changes.
    A.If branch already exists and you want to start alternative implementation then add "-1", or "-2" to the branch name.
  3. Make pull request to Git pull request to master and/or supported release branches:
    A. Reassign ticket to "Zabbix Development team" for review.
    B. Zabbix developers are responsible for pull request code review and code merge into Git master.

Nightly BuildsNightly Builds

If you'd like to stay on top of the development, download our nightly builds. These are produced from current development snapshots of Zabbix, straight from its Git repository. The builds are generated twice a day at 00:00 and 12:00 UTC time.

Building the nightlies may fail occasionally - that's part of why we do them. If that happens, you're welcome to report any problems by contacting us directly or registering the issue in Zabbix Support System.

Zabbix Sources pre-4.0.36rc1 b27778b8e0 21 October, 2021 ダウンロード
Zabbix Sources pre-5.0.18rc1 ed1c2d5e08 21 October, 2021 ダウンロード
Zabbix Sources pre-5.4.7rc1 dce4402198 21 October, 2021 ダウンロード
Zabbix Sources pre-6.0.0alpha5 42217d4b48 21 October, 2021 ダウンロード