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1 Event menu


The event menu is accessible by clicking on the problem name in supported locations.


The event menu allows to:

  • view all unresolved problems of the underlying trigger
  • access the trigger configuration
  • access a simple graph/item history of the underlying item(s)
  • access an external ticket of the problem (if configured, see the Include event menu entry option when configuring webhooks)
  • access a trigger URL (if defined)
  • add custom links. To add a URL, you need to create a global script with scope 'Manual event action' and type 'URL'. Click on the script name to open the URL.
  • execute global scripts (these scripts need to have their scope defined as 'Manual event action'). This feature may be handy for running scripts used for managing problem tickets in external systems.

Supported locations

The event menu is accessible by clicking on a problem or event name in various frontend sections, for example:

  • Dashboards widgets, such as Problems, Trigger overview, etc.
  • Monitoring → Problems
  • Monitoring → Problems → Event details
  • Reports → Triggers top 100 (global scripts and access to external ticket are not supported in this location)