Don’t use shadow or any other effects
Don’t use transparency - opacity should be 100%
Don’t stretch or compress the logo
Don’t rotate the logo
Don’t change the color of the logo
Don’t use low resolution files
Don’t change the typeface
Don’t use the letters without the rectangle
Don’t use any gradients or resize the rectangle
Don’t use the logo without a red rectangle
Don’t place the logo against a background of a similar color
Avoid strongly colored backgrounds

Zabbix Trademark FAQ

Can I put Zabbix banners on my website? Can I link to you?
Doesn't having trademark restrictions contravene the principles of free software?
Can I make merchandise products (T-shirt/desktop wallpaper/coffee cup) with the Zabbix logo?
Can I modify your logos and distribute the result?
Am I allowed to use Zabbix screenshots, etc.?