2022 Zabbix中国峰会
2022 Zabbix中国峰会
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> 对象

The following objects are directly related to the mediatype API. 以下对象是直接关联到mediatype接口

Media type 媒介类型

The media type object has the following properties. 媒介类型参数拥有以下参数

Property Type Description
mediatypeid string (readonly) ID of the media type. 媒介类型ID
string Name of the media type. 媒介类型名称
integer Transport used by the media type.

Possible values:
0 - e-mail;
1 - script;
2 - SMS;
3 - Jabber;
100 - Ez Texting. 媒介类型的传输方式

0-电子邮件 1-脚本 2-SMS 3-Jabber 100-Ez Texting。
exec_path string For script media types exec_path contains the name of the executed script.

For Ez Texting exec_path contains the message text limit.
Possible text limit values:
0 - USA (160 characters);
1 - Canada (136 characters).

Required for script and Ez Texting media types.


对于z Texting exec_path包含了消息文本的限制
可能的文本限定值 :0- USA (160 characters) 1 - Canada (136 characters).


gsm_modem string Serial device name of the GSM modem.

Required for SMS media types. GSM调制解调器的串行设备名称。

passwd string Authentication password.

Required for Jabber and Ez Texting media types. 认证的密码
\\用于Jabber和Ez Texting媒介类型
smtp_email string Email address from which notifications will be sent.

Required for email media types. 发送通知的电子邮件地址。

smtp_helo string SMTP HELO.

Required for email media types. SMTP HELO

smtp_server string SMTP server.

Required for email media types. SMTP server.
status integer Whether the media type is enabled.

Possible values:
0 - (default) enabled;
1 - disabled. 媒介类型是否是启用的
0-启用(默认) 1-禁用
username string Username or Jabber identifier.

Required for Jabber and Ez Texting media types. 用户名或Jabber标识符

用于Jabber and Ez Texting媒介类型
exec_params string Script parameters.

Each parameter ends with a new line feed. 脚本参数。

maxsessions integer The maximum number of alerts that can be processed in parallel.

Possible values for SMS:
1 - (default)

Possible values for other media types:
0-100 可以并行处理的警报的最大数量。

maxattempts integer The maximum number of attempts to send an alert.

Possible values:

Default value:
3 发送警报的最大尝试次数。

attempt_interval string The interval between retry attempts. Accepts seconds and time unit with suffix.

Possible values:

Default value:
10s 重试尝试之间的间隔。接收带后缀的秒和时间单位。

可能的值:0~60s 默认是:10s