2022 Zabbix中国峰会
2022 Zabbix中国峰会

2 用户配置



点击zabbix窗口右上角的 来访问用户配置。


用户 选项卡允许您设置关于用户相关配置。


参数 描
Password 点击链接显示两个输入框,来输入并确认新的密码.
Language 选择您想要的界面语言。
Theme 为您的配置选择一种特殊的颜色主题:
System default - 使用系统默认
Blue - 标准蓝色主题
Dark - 暗黑主题
High-contrast light - 高对比的浅色主题
High-contrast dark - 高对比的暗黑主题
Auto-login Mark this checkbox to make Zabbix remember you and log you in automatically for 30 days. Browser cookies are used for this. 选择复选框来标记自动登录,无需再次输入用户名和密码。
Auto-logout With this checkbox marked you will be logged out automatically, after the set amount of seconds (minimum 90 seconds, maximum 1 day).勾选了这个复选框后,您将在设定的秒数后自动注销(最少90秒).
Time suffixes are supported, e.g. 90s, 5m, 2h, 1d.支持的。如 90s, 5m, 2h, 1d.
Note that this option will not work:请注意,以下选项不起作用:
* If the "Show warning if Zabbix server is down" global configuration option is enabled and Zabbix frontend is kept open;当Zabbix服务器宕机时显示告警,全局配置选项启用且Zabbix前端持续打开时;
* When Monitoring menu pages perform background information refreshes;当监控菜单页面一直在后台进行信息刷新时,会无法正常工作;
* If logging in with the Remember me for 30 days option checked.当选中"30天记住我"选项,请登录.
Refresh You can set how often the information in the pages will be refreshed on the Monitoring menu, except for Dashboard, which uses its own refresh parameters for every widget.您可以设置监控目录下信息刷新的频率。 只有Dashboard例外,它使用为自己的每个部件使用自有的刷新参数。
Time suffixes are supported, e.g. 30s, 5m, 2h, 1d. 支持的。如 30s, 5m, 2h, 1d.
Rows per page You can set how many rows will be displayed per page in the lists. Fewer rows (and fewer records to display) mean faster loading times. 可设置每页显示的行数。行数越少(显示的记录越少)加载速度越快。
URL (after login) You can set a specific URL to be displayed after the login. Instead of the default MonitoringDashboard it can be, for example, the URL of MonitoringTriggers. 您可设置在登录后显示的自定义 URL 不同于默认的 Monitoring → Dashboard 例如,它甚至可以成 Monitoring 的 URL → Triggers.

If some language is not available for selection in the user profile it means that a locale for it is not installed on the web server. See the link at the bottom of this page to find out how to install them.如果某些语言在用户资料中无法选择,则意味着它的区域设置未安装在Web服务器上。 请参阅链接 link ,了解如何安装。

The Media tab allows you to specify the media details for the user, such as the types, the addresses to use and when to use them to deliver notifications.媒介Media选项卡允许您指定给用户以 media 细节,例如类型、地址的使用以及何时使用它们来发送通知。


Only admin level users (Admin and Super Admin) can change their own media details.只有 管理员级别 admin level 用户(管理员和超级管理员)可以更改他们自己的 media 细节。

The Messaging tab allows you to set global notifications. 可通过Messaging选项卡,设置全局通知global notifications.

See also参考

  1. How to install additional locales to be able to select unavailable languages in the user profile