16 Issues with SELinux

16 SELinux的问题

Socket-based inter-process communication has been added since Zabbix 3.4. On systems where SELinux is enabled it may be required to add SELinux rules to allow Zabbix create/use UNIX domain sockets in the SocketDir directory. Currently socket files are used by server (alerter, preprocessing, IPMI) and proxy (IPMI). Socket files are persistent, meaning are present while the process is running.

从Zabbix 3.4版本之后,加入了基于套接字的进程间通信。在启用了SELinux的系统上,可能需要添加SELinux规则,以允许Zabbix在“SocketDir”目录中创建或使用Unix domain socket。当前套接字文件由Server(报警器、预处理、IPMI)和proxy(IPMI)使用。套接字文件是持续存在的,也就是说随进程的运行而存在。