2022 Zabbix中国峰会
2022 Zabbix中国峰会


Description 说明

object task.create(object task)

This method allows to create new task. 该方法允许创建新的任务。

Parameters 参数

(object) A task to create. (object)需要创建的任务。 The method accepts the following parameters. 此方法接受以下参数。

Parameter 参数 T pe 类型 Des ription 说明
(required 必须)
integer 整数型 Ta
k type. 任务类型。
Possible values: 许可值:
6 - Check now. 正在核实。
(required 必须)
string/array 字符串/数组 IDs
f items and low-level discovery rules. 监控项和低级别发现规则的ID。
Item or discovery rule must of the following type: 监控项或自动发现规则必须是以下类型:
0 - Zabbix agent; Zabbix agent;
1 - SNMPv1 agent; SNMPv1客户端;
3 - simple check; 简单检查;
4 - SNMPv2 agent; SNMPv2客户端;
5 - Zabbix internal; Zabbix内部;
6 - SNMPv3 agent; SNMPv3客户端;
8 - Zabbix aggregate; Zabbix整合;
10 - external check; 外部检查;
11 - database monitor; 数据库监控;
12 - IPMI agent; IPMI客户端;
13 - SSH agent; SSH客户端;
14 - TELNET agent; TELNET客户端;
15 - calculated; 计算项;
16 - JMX agent. JMX客户端。

Return values 返回值

(object) Returns an object containing the IDs of the created tasks under the taskids property. One task is created for each item and low-level discovery rule. The order of the returned IDs matches the order of the passed itemids. (object)返回一个对象,该对象包含在taskids属性中已创建任务的ID。为每个监控项和低级别发现规则创建的任务,返回ID的顺序与传递itemids的顺序相匹配。

Examples 范例

Creating a task 创建任务

Create a task check now for two items. One is an item, the other is a low-level discovery rule. 为两个项目,其中一个是监控项,另外一个低级别发现规则,创建一个check now任务。

Request 请求:

           "jsonrpc": "2.0",
           "method": "task.create",
           "params": {
               "type": "6",
               "itemids": ["10092", "10093"],
           "auth": "700ca65537074ec963db7efabda78259",
           "id": 1

Response 响应:

           "jsonrpc": "2.0",
           "result": {
               "taskids": [
           "id": 1

Source 源码

CTask::create() in frontends/php/include/classes/api/services/CTask.php. CTask::create()方法可在frontends/php/include/classes/api/services/CTask.php中参考。