1 常见问题/疑难解答


  1. Q:可以更新或清空队列(如菜单“管理”→“队列”中所展示的队列)?
  2. Q: 如何从一个数据库迁移到另一个数据库?
    A: 只需要转存数据 (对于MySQL, 使用参数 -t 或 --no-create-info), 用Zabbix的schema文件创建新的数据库, 并导入数据。
  3. Q: 想用下划线替换监控项key中的所有空格,因为空格只在老版本中起作用,而在3.0版本的监控项key中,空格不是一个有效的标示符(或者因为其它需要大量修改监控项key的场景),应该如何做以及有哪些注意事项?
    A: 可以使用数据库更新语句用下划线替换所有出现的空格:
    update items set key_=replace(key_,' ','_');
    * Notifications (actions)
    * Map element and link labels
    * Calculated item formulas
  4. Q: 我的图形中有一些点而不是线或者有一些空白区域,为什么会这样?
    A: 数据丢失,这种情况的发生有多种原因——Zabbix数据库的性能问题、Zabbix服务器问题、网络问题、监控设备问题…
  5. Q: Zabbix守护进程无法启动消息监听器, 错误信息为: socket() for [[-]:10050] failed with error 22: Invalid argument.
    A: 当在一个内核2.6.26或更低内核版本的操作系统上,试图运行编译的版本为2.6.27或更高版本的Zabbix agent时会产生该错误。注意,在这种情况下,静态链接不会起作用,因为早期操作系统内核版本中不支持带SOCK_CLOEXEC标志的socket()系统调用。 ZBX-3395
  6. Q: 尝试使用一个位置参数(如$1)去设置一个命令中灵活的用户参数,但它不起作用。 怎么解决这个问题?
    A: 使用两个$$符合,像这样 $$1
  7. Q: 在Opera11中,所有的下拉菜单都有一个滚动条,看起来不太美观,为什么会这样呢?
    A: 对于Opera11.00和11.01操作系统来说,这是一个bug; 更多信息请访问 Zabbix 问题跟踪
  8. Q: 如何更改自定义主题中的图形背景颜色?
    A: 参照数据库中的graph_theme表和主题帮助
  9. Q: 调试等级为4时,在zabbix server/proxy日志中出现 “Trapper got [] len 0” 信息,这是什么原因?
    A: 很有可能是前端有问题,连接并检查服务是否仍在运行。
  10. Q: 系统时间设置为将来的某一时间,导致没有数据出现。 这个问题怎么解决?
    A: 清除数据库中的字段 hosts.disable_until*, drules.nextcheck, httptest.nextcheck 的值,并重启zabbix server/proxy。
  11. Q: 在前端使用 {ITEM.VALUE} 宏 或者在其他情况下,item的文本类型值无论多大都会被修剪为20个字符,这种情况正常吗?
    A: 是正常的,在include/ 中有一个硬编码限制,长度最大仅为20个字符。


1 Frequently asked questions / Troubleshooting

Frequently asked questions or FAQ.

  1. Q: Can I flush/clear the queue (as depicted in Administration → Queue)?
    A: No.
  2. Q: How do I migrate from one database to another?
    A: Dump data only (for MySQL, use flag -t or --no-create-info), create the new database using schema files from Zabbix and import the data.
  3. Q: I would like to replace all spaces with underscores in my item keys because they worked in older versions but space is not a valid symbol for an item key in 3.0 (or any other reason to mass-modify item keys). How should I do it and what should i beware of?
    A: You may use a database query to replace all occurrences of spaces in item keys with underscores:
    update items set key_=replace(key_,' ','_');
    Triggers will be able to use these items without any additional modifications, but you might have to change any item references in these locations:
    * Notifications (actions)
    * Map element and link labels
    * Calculated item formulas
  4. Q: My graphs have dots instead of lines or empty areas. Why so?
    A: Data is missing. This can happen for a variety of reasons - performance problems on Zabbix database, Zabbix server, network, monitored devices…
  5. Q: Zabbix daemons fail to start up with a message Listener failed with error: socket() for [[-]:10050] failed with error 22: Invalid argument.
    A: This error arises at attempt to run Zabbix agent compiled on version 2.6.27 or above on a platform with a kernel 2.6.26 and lower. Note that static linking will not help in this case because it is the socket() system call that does not support SOCK_CLOEXEC flag on earlier kernels. ZBX-3395
  6. Q: I try to set up a flexible user parameter (one that accepts parameters) with a command that uses a positional parameter like $1, but it doesn't work (uses item parameter instead). How to solve this?
    A: Use a double dollar sign like $$1
  7. Q: All dropdowns have a scrollbar and look ugly in Opera 11. Why so?
    A: It's a known bug in Opera 11.00 and 11.01; see Zabbix issue tracker for more information.
  8. Q: How can I change graph background colour in a custom theme?
    A: See graph_theme table in the database and theming guide.
  9. Q: With DebugLevel 4 I'm seeing messages “Trapper got [] len 0” in server/proxy log - what's that?
    A: Most likely that is frontend, connecting and checking whether server is still running.
  10. Q: My system had the time set in the future and now no data is coming in. How could this be solved?
    A: Clear values of database fields hosts.disable_until*, drules.nextcheck, httptest.nextcheck and restart the server/proxy.
  11. Q: Text item values in frontend (when using {ITEM.VALUE} macro and in other cases) are cut/trimmed to 20 symbols. Is that normal?
    A: Yes, there is a hardcoded limit in include/ currently.

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