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> Regular expression object

The following objects are directly related to the regexp API.

Regular expression

The global regular expression object has the following properties.

Property Type Description
regexpid string (readonly) ID of the regular expression.
string Name of the regular expression.
test_string string Test string.

Note that for some methods (update, delete) the required/optional parameter combination is different.

Expressions object

The expressions object has the following properties.

Property Type Description
string Regular expression.
integer Type of Regular expression.

Possible values:
0 - Character string included;
1 - Any character string included;
2 - Character string not included;
3 - Result is TRUE;
4 - Result is FALSE.
exp_delimiter string Expression delimiter. Only when expression_type Any character string included.

Default value ,.

Possible values: ,, ., /.
case_sensitive integer Case sensitivity.

Default value 0.

Possible values:
0 - Case insensitive;
1 - Case sensitive.