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5 Frontend maintenance mode


Zabbix web frontend can be temporarily disabled in order to prohibit access to it. This can be useful for protecting the Zabbix database from any changes initiated by users, thus protecting the integrity of database.

Zabbix database can be stopped and maintenance tasks can be performed while Zabbix frontend is in maintenance mode.

Users from defined IP addresses will be able to work with the frontend normally during maintenance mode.


In order to enable maintenance mode, the file (located in /conf of Zabbix HTML document directory on the web server) must be modified to uncomment the following lines:

// Maintenance mode.
       define('ZBX_DENY_GUI_ACCESS', 1);
       // Array of IP addresses, which are allowed to connect to frontend (optional).
       $ZBX_GUI_ACCESS_IP_RANGE = array('');
       // Message shown on warning screen (optional).
       $ZBX_GUI_ACCESS_MESSAGE = 'We are upgrading MySQL database till 15:00. Stay tuned...';

Mostly the file is located in /conf of Zabbix HTML document directory on the web server. However, the location of the directory may differ depending on the operating system and a web server it uses.

For example, the location for:

  • SUSE and RedHat is /etc/zabbix/web/
  • Debian-based systems is /usr/share/zabbix/conf/.

See also Copying PHP files.

Parameter Details
ZBX_DENY_GUI_ACCESS Enable maintenance mode:
1 – maintenance mode is enabled, disabled otherwise
ZBX_GUI_ACCESS_IP_RANGE Array of IP addresses, which are allowed to connect to frontend (optional).
For example:
array('', '')
ZBX_GUI_ACCESS_MESSAGE A message you can enter to inform users about the maintenance (optional).


The following screen will be displayed when trying to access the Zabbix frontend while in maintenance mode. The screen is refreshed every 30 seconds in order to return to a normal state without user intervention when the maintenance is over.

IP addresses defined in ZBX_GUI_ACCESS_IP_RANGE will be able to access the frontend as always.