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     * [[:​manual/​web_interface/​frontend_sections/​configuration/​hosts/​graphs|Graphs]]     * [[:​manual/​web_interface/​frontend_sections/​configuration/​hosts/​graphs|Graphs]]
     * [[:​manual/​web_interface/​frontend_sections/​configuration/​hosts/​web|Web scenarios]]     * [[:​manual/​web_interface/​frontend_sections/​configuration/​hosts/​web|Web scenarios]]
 +=== Overriding in LLD rules ===
 +It is now possible to filter out items, triggers, hosts and graphs or override their attributes during [[:​manual/​discovery/​low_level_discovery#​override|low-level discovery]] based on LLD object and prototype name.
 === IPMI sensor discovery === === IPMI sensor discovery ===