1 Zabbix agent template operation

Steps to ensure correct operation of templates that collect metrics with Zabbix agent:

1. Make sure that Zabbix agent is installed on the host. For active checks, also make sure that the host is added to the 'ServerActive' parameter of the agent configuration file.
2. Link the template to a target host (if the template is not available in your Zabbix installation, you may need to import the template's .xml file first - see Templates out-of-the-box section for instructions).
3. If necessary, adjust the values of template macros.
4. Configure the instance being monitored to allow sharing data with Zabbix.

A detailed description of a template, including the full list of macros, items and triggers is available in the template's Readme.md file (accessible by clicking on a template name).

The following templates are available: