2 Host groups


In the Data collectionHost groups section users can configure and maintain host groups.

A listing of existing host groups with their details is displayed. You can search and filter host groups by name.

Displayed data:

Column Description
Name Name of the host group. Clicking on the group name opens the group configuration form.
Discovered host groups are displayed with low-level discovery rule names as a prefix. Clicking on the LLD rule name opens the host prototype configuration form. Note that discovered host groups are deleted when all LLD rules that discovered it are deleted.
Hosts Number of hosts in the group (displayed in gray) followed by the list of group members.
Clicking on a host name will open the host configuration form.
Clicking on the number will, in the whole listing of hosts, filter out those that belong to the group.
Info Error information (if any) regarding the host group is displayed.
Mass editing options

Buttons below the list offer some mass-editing options:

  • Enable hosts - change the status of all hosts in the group to "Monitored"
  • Disable hosts - change the status of all hosts in the group to "Not monitored"
  • Delete - delete the host groups

To use these options, mark the checkboxes before the respective host groups, then click on the required button.

Using filter

You can use the filter to display only the host groups you are interested in. For better search performance, data is searched with macros unresolved.