6 Mass update


With mass update you may change some attribute for a number of triggers at once, saving you the need to open each individual trigger for editing.

Using mass update

To mass-update some triggers, do the following:

  • Mark the checkboxes of the triggers you want to update in the list
  • Click on Mass update below the list
  • Navigate to the tab with required attributes (Trigger, Tags or Dependencies)
  • Mark the checkboxes of any attribute to update

The following options are available when selecting the respective button for tag update:

  • Add - allows to add new tags for the triggers;
  • Replace - will remove any existing tags from the trigger and replace them with the one(s) specified below;
  • Remove - will remove specified tags from triggers.

Note that tags with the same name but different values are not considered 'duplicates' and can be added to the same trigger.

Replace dependencies - will remove any existing dependencies from the trigger and replace them with the one(s) specified.

Click on Update to apply the changes.