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3 HTTP template operation

Steps to ensure correct operation of templates that collect metrics with HTTP agent:

1. Create a host in Zabbix and specify an IP address or DNS name of the monitoring target as the main interface. This is needed for the {HOST.CONN} macro to resolve properly in the template items.
2. Link the template to the host created in step 1 (if the template is not available in your Zabbix installation, you may need to import the template's .xml file first - see Templates out-of-the-box section for instructions).
3. If necessary, adjust the values of template macros.
4. Configure the instance being monitored to allow sharing data with Zabbix.

A detailed description of a template, including the full list of macros, items and triggers is available in the template's file (accessible by clicking on a template name).

The following templates are available: