5 Proxy groups


In Administration → Proxy groups it is possible to configure proxy groups.

Proxy groups are used in proxy load balancing with automated distribution of hosts between proxies and high availability between proxies.

Proxy groups

A listing of existing proxy groups with their details is displayed.

Displayed data:

Column Description
Name Name of the proxy group. Clicking on the proxy group name opens the proxy group configuration form.
State State of the proxy group is displayed:
Unknown - if group was created with Zabbix server down or Zabbix server has not yet updated the state;
Online - the minimum number of proxies are online;
Degrading - the transition from online to offline status;
Offline - less than the minimum number of proxies are online;
Recovering - the transition from offline to online status.
The state is not displayed if there are no proxies in the group.
Failover period The period in seconds before failover is executed is displayed. Time suffixes are supported.
Online proxies The number of online proxies is displayed. If the number is below the group minimum, it is displayed is red.
Minimum proxies The minimum number of online proxies required for the group to be Online is displayed.
Proxies Count of proxies of the group is displayed and proxies of the group are listed, with links to the proxy configuration form.
The maximum number of listed proxies is limited by the Max count of elements to show inside table cell value.

To configure a new proxy group, click on the Create proxy groups button in the top right-hand corner.

Mass editing options

Buttons below the list offer some mass-editing options:

  • Delete - delete the proxy groups.

To use these options, mark the checkboxes before the respective proxy groups, then click on the required button.

Using filter

You can use the filter to display only the proxy groups you are interested in. For better search performance, data is searched with macros unresolved.

The Filter link is available above the list of proxy groups. If you click on it, a filter becomes available where you can filter proxy groups by name and status.