This page describes classes that can be used to create a widget configuration view with custom configuration fields. The widget configuration view is the part of the widget that allows the user to configure widget parameters for presentation.


Primary widget class, extends the base class of all dashboard widgets - CWidget. Required for overriding the default widget behavior.

The Widget class should be located in the root directory of the widget (for example, zabbix/ui/modules/my_custom_widget).

Widget.php example

       namespace Modules\MyCustomWidget;
       use Zabbix\Core\CWidget;
       class Widget extends CWidget {
           public const MY_CONSTANT = 0;
           public function getTranslationStrings(): array {
               return [
                   'class.widget.js' => [
                       'No data' => _('No data')


The WidgetForm class extends the default class CWidgetForm and contains a set of CWidgetField fields that are required for defining widget configuration storage structure in the database and handling input validation.

The WidgetForm class should be located in the includes directory. If the class has a different name, the name should be specified in the widget/form_class parameter in the manifest.json file.

includes/WidgetForm.php example

       namespace Modules\MyCustomWidget\Includes;
       use Modules\MyCustomWidget\Widget;
       use Zabbix\Widgets\{
       use Zabbix\Widgets\Fields\{
       class WidgetForm extends CWidgetForm {
           public const DEFAULT_COLOR_PALETTE = [
               'FF465C', 'B0AF07', '0EC9AC', '524BBC', 'ED1248', 'D1E754', '2AB5FF', '385CC7', 'EC1594', 'BAE37D',
               '6AC8FF', 'EE2B29', '3CA20D', '6F4BBC', '00A1FF', 'F3601B', '1CAE59', '45CFDB', '894BBC', '6D6D6D'
           public function addFields(): self {
               return $this
                       (new CWidgetFieldMultiSelectItem('itemid', _('Item')))
                           ->setFlags(CWidgetField::FLAG_NOT_EMPTY | CWidgetField::FLAG_LABEL_ASTERISK)
                       new CWidgetFieldTextBox('description', _('Description'))
                       (new CWidgetFieldColor('chart_color', _('Color')))->setDefault('FF0000')


The CWidgetFormView class is required for specifying the presentation logic of the fields defined in the WidgetForm class, determining their appearance and behavior when rendered in the configuration view.

The CWidgetFormView class supports the following methods:

  • addField() - receives an instance of the CWidgetFieldView class as a parameter; each CWidgetField class, has a respective CWidgetFieldView class for using in the widget configuration view.
  • addFieldset() - receives an instance of the CWidgetFieldsGroupView class that combines fields into a collapsible container.
  • addFieldsGroup() - receives an instance of CWidgetFormFieldsetCollapsibleView that visually (with a border) combines fields into a group.
  • includeJsFile() - allows to add a JavaScript file to the widget configuration view.
  • addJavaScript() - allows to add inline JavaScript that will be executed as soon as the widget configuration view is loaded.

The CWidgetFormView class should be located in the views directory.

views/widget.edit.php example

        * My custom widget form view.
        * @var CView $this
        * @var array $data
       use Modules\MyCustomWidget\Includes\WidgetForm;
       (new CWidgetFormView($data))
               (new CWidgetFieldMultiSelectItemView($data['fields']['itemid']))->setPopupParameter('numeric', true)
               (new CWidgetFormFieldsetCollapsibleView(_('Advanced configuration')))
                       new CWidgetFieldTextBoxView($data['fields']['description'])
                       new CWidgetFieldColorView($data['fields']['chart_color'])
               'color_palette' => WidgetForm::DEFAULT_COLOR_PALETTE


A JavaScript class can be used to add dynamic behavior and interactivity to the widget configuration view. For example, you can initialize a color picker, defined in the CWidgetFormView class.

The JavaScript class should be loaded with the form, therefore it should be referenced in the CWidgetFormView class by using the methods includeJsFile() and addJavaScript().

In the example below, a singleton class instance is immediately created and stored under the window.my_custom_widget_form name. Thus, opening the form for the second time will re-create the instance.

The JavaScript class should be located in the views directory.

views/widget.edit.js.php example

       use Modules\MyCustomWidget\Widget;
       window.my_custom_widget_form = new class {
           init({color_palette}) {
               for (const colorpicker of jQuery('.<?= ZBX_STYLE_COLOR_PICKER ?> input')) {
               const overlay = overlays_stack.getById('widget_properties');
               for (const event of ['overlay.reload', 'overlay.close']) {
                   overlay.$dialogue[0].addEventListener(event, () => { jQuery.colorpicker('hide'); });


The CWidgetField class is a base class from which all form field classes (CWidgetFieldCheckBox, CWidgetFieldTextArea, CWidgetFieldRadioButtonList, etc.) are inherited. Classes extending CWidgetField are responsible for receiving, saving, and validating widget configuration values.

The following CWidgetField classes are available.

CWidgetField class Database field type Description
CWidgetFieldCheckBox int32 Single checkbox.
CWidgetFieldCheckBoxList array of int32 Multiple checkboxes under a single configuration field.
CWidgetFieldColor string Color selection field.
CWidgetFieldDatePicker string Date selection field.
CWidgetFieldHostPatternSelect string Multiselect field that allows to select one or multiple hosts. Supports defining host name patterns (all matching hosts will be selected).
CWidgetFieldIntegerBox int32 Field to enter an integer. Can be used to configure minimum and maximum values.
CWidgetFieldLatLng string Text box that allows to enter comma-separated latitude, longitude, and map zoom level.
CWidgetFieldMultiSelectAction ID Multiselect field for selecting actions (from the list of actions defined in the Alerts → Actions).
CWidgetFieldMultiSelectGraph ID Multiselect field for selecting custom graphs.
CWidgetFieldMultiSelectGraphPrototype ID Multiselect field for selecting custom graph prototypes.
CWidgetFieldMultiSelectGroup ID Multiselect field for selecting host groups.
CWidgetFieldMultiSelectHost ID Multiselect field for selecting hosts.
CWidgetFieldMultiSelectItem ID Multiselect field for selecting items.
CWidgetFieldMultiSelectItemPattern ID Multiselect field for selecting item patterns.
CWidgetFieldMultiSelectItemPrototype ID Multiselect field for selecting item prototypes.
CWidgetFieldMultiSelectMap ID Multiselect field for selecting maps.
CWidgetFieldMultiSelectMediaType ID Multiselect field for selecting media types.
CWidgetFieldMultiSelectOverrideHost ID Multiselect field for selecting a data source (dashboard or other widget) containing a host for which the widget can display data.
CWidgetFieldMultiSelectService ID Multiselect field for selecting services.
CWidgetFieldMultiSelectSla ID Multiselect field for selecting SLAs.
CWidgetFieldMultiSelectUser ID Multiselect field for selecting users.
CWidgetFieldNumericBox string Field to enter a float number.
CWidgetFieldRadioButtonList int32 Radio box group that consists of one or more radio boxes.
CWidgetFieldRangeControl int32 Slider to select an integer type value.
CWidgetFieldReference string Creates a unique identifier for this widget on dashboard. It is used to reference this widget from other widgets.
CWidgetFieldSelect int32 Dropdown select box.
CWidgetFieldSeverities array of int32 CWidgetFieldCheckBoxList preset with trigger severities.
CWidgetFieldTags array of (string, int32, string) Allows to configure one or more tag filter rows.
CWidgetFieldTextArea string Text area for entering multi-line text.
CWidgetFieldTextBox string Text box for entering single-line text.
CWidgetFieldTimePeriod array of string Time period selecting field.
CWidgetFieldTimeZone string Dropdown with timezones.
CWidgetFieldThresholds array of (string, string) Allows configuring color and number pairs.
CWidgetFieldUrl string Text box that allows to enter URLs.

The following CWidgetField classes have been created for particular widgets. These classes have very specific use cases, but they can also be reused if needed.

CWidgetField class Database field type Description
CWidgetFieldColumnsList array of (multiple mixed) For Top hosts widget. Create a table with custom columns of allowed types.
CWidgetFieldNavTree string For Map navigation tree widget. Replaces widget view in edit mode with the map selection tree.