3 Additional operations


In this section you may find some details of additional operations for discovery/autoregistration events.

Adding host

Hosts are added during the discovery process, as soon as a host is discovered, rather than at the end of the discovery process.

As network discovery can take some time due to many unavailable hosts/services having patience and using reasonable IP ranges is advisable.

When adding a host, its name is decided by the standard gethostbyname function. If the host can be resolved, resolved name is used. If not, the IP address is used. Besides, if IPv6 address must be used for a host name, then all ":" (colons) are replaced by "_" (underscores), since colons are not allowed in host names.

If performing discovery by a proxy, currently hostname lookup still takes place on Zabbix server.

If a host already exists in Zabbix configuration with the same name as a newly discovered one, Zabbix will add _N to the hostname, where N is increasing number, starting with 2.