Method reference

This section provides an overview of the functions provided by the Zabbix API and will help you find your way around the available classes and methods.


The Zabbix API allows you to access history and other data gathered during monitoring.


Manage dashboards and make scheduled reports based on them.

Dashboard API | Template dashboard API | Report API

High availability cluster

Retrieve a list of server nodes and their status.

High availability cluster API


Retrieve historical values gathered by Zabbix monitoring processes for presentation or further processing.

History API

Retrieve trend values calculated by Zabbix server for presentation or further processing.

Trend API


Retrieve events generated by triggers, network discovery and other Zabbix systems for more flexible situation management or third-party tool integration.

Event API


Retrieve problems according to the given parameters.

Problem API


Configure maps to create detailed dynamic representations of your IT infrastructure.



Interact with Zabbix server task manager, creating tasks and retrieving response.

Task API


The Zabbix API allows you to access data gathered during service monitoring.

Service Level Agreement

Define Service Level Objectives (SLO), retrieve detailed Service Level Indicators (SLI) information about service performance.



Manage services for service-level monitoring and retrieve detailed SLA information about any service.

Service API

Data collection

The Zabbix API allows you to manage the configuration of your monitoring system.

Hosts and host groups

Manage host groups, hosts and everything related to them, including host interfaces, host macros and maintenance periods.

Host API | Host group API | Host interface API | User macro API | Value map API | Maintenance API


Define items to monitor.

Item API


Configure triggers to notify you about problems in your system. Manage trigger dependencies.

Trigger API


Edit graphs or separate graph items for better presentation of the gathered data.

Graph API | Graph item API

Templates and template groups

Manage templates and link them to hosts or other templates.

Template API | Template group API | Value map API

Low-level discovery

Configure low-level discovery rules as well as item, trigger and graph prototypes to monitor dynamic entities.

LLD rule API | Item prototype API | Trigger prototype API | Graph prototype API | Host prototype API

Event correlation

Create custom event correlation rules.

Correlation API

Network discovery

Manage network-level discovery rules to automatically find and monitor new hosts. Gain full access to information about discovered services and hosts.

Discovery rule API | Discovery check API | Discovered host API | Discovered service API

Export and import

Export and import Zabbix configuration data for configuration backups, migration or large-scale configuration updates.

Configuration API

Web monitoring

Configure web scenarios to monitor your web applications and services.

Web scenario API


The Zabbix API allows you to manage the actions and alerts of your monitoring system.

Actions and alerts

Define actions and operations to notify users about certain events or automatically execute remote commands. Gain access to information about generated alerts and their receivers.

Action API | Alert API

Media types

Configure media types and multiple ways users will receive alerts.

Media type API


Configure and execute scripts to help you with your daily tasks.

Script API


The Zabbix API allows you to manage users of your monitoring system.

Users and user groups

Add users that will have access to Zabbix, assign them to user groups and grant permissions. Make roles for granular management of user rights.

User API | User group API | User directory API | User role API

API Tokens

Manage authorization tokens.

Token API


Change authentication configuration options.

Authentication API


With the Zabbix API you can change administration settings of your monitoring system.


Change certain global configuration options.

Autoregistration API | Icon map API | Image API | Settings API | Regular expression API | Module API | Connector API

Audit log

Track configuration changes each user has done.

Audit log API


Configure housekeeping.

Housekeeping API

Proxies and proxy groups

Manage the proxies used in your distributed monitoring setup.

Proxy API | Proxy group API


Manage macros.

User macro API

API information

Retrieve the version of the Zabbix API so that your application could use version-specific features.

API info API