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7 What's new in Zabbix 5.4.2

Media types

In media types, the maximum number of attempts to send an alert has been increased from 10 to 100; the maximum attempt interval has been increased from 60 seconds to 1 hour.

VMware discovery

The vmware.vm.discovery item, used for virtual machine discovery, now returns an additional field {#VM.FOLDER} with the chain of virtual machine parent folders.

Default dashboards

The Zabbix server health default dashboard widgets now display problems for the selected items only.

Breaking changes

Datastore discovery

The output format of the vmware.datastore.discovery item has been changed. Returned JSON no longer contains the “data” object. Now the item returns a normal JSON containing an array, thus allowing to apply item value preprocessing steps directly to the returned data without additional workarounds.

Old JSON format New JSON format
{"data":[{"{#DATASTORE}":"FOO",...},{"{#DATASTORE}":"BAR",...}]} [{“{#DATASTORE}”:“FOO”,…},{“{#DATASTORE}”:“BAR”,…}]