Release Notes for Zabbix 5.4.0

Zabbix Team is pleased to announce the availability of Zabbix 5.4.0.

Zabbix is an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution. Zabbix is released under the GPL, thus it is free of charge for both commercial and non-commercial use. A complete text of the license is available at

This document contains the release notes for Zabbix 5.4.0. Download it from download.

The following sections describe the release in details and provide late-breaking or other information that supplements its main documentation.

New Features and Improvements

ZBXNEXT-6658 Added warning for unsupported DB version Server
ZBXNEXT-6411 Added uniqueness criteria in template elements and added option to compare templates before importing API Frontend Installation Server
ZBXNEXT-6452 Implemented new syntax for aggregated checks API Frontend Installation Proxy Server
Added support of ranges and regular expressions for value mappings API Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-6544 Added new set of mathematical, aggregate and string functions for trigger expressions API Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-6451 Implemented new syntax for trigger expressions API Frontend Installation Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-6453 Implemented new syntax for calculated checks API Frontend Installation Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-4910 Added severity in problem real-time export protocol Server
ZBXNEXT-6613 Added media Templates
ZBXNEXT-6592 Added ManageEngine ServiceDesk media Templates
ZBXNEXT-6505 Added "WildFly Domain by JMX "and "WildFly Server by JMX" templates Templates
ZBXNEXT-6478 Added dashboard based pdf report support API Frontend Server Templates
ZBXNEXT-6589 Added Job discovery, backup process items in Database discovery, macros, and value map in the template MSSQL by ODBC Templates
ZBXNEXT-6571 Added templates with multi-page dashboards Templates
ZBXNEXT-6497 Added read/write locking to value cache Server
ZBXNEXT-2976 Dropped support of applications; added support of tags for item related configuration entities API Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-6504 Added Templates "TiDB by HTTP", "TiDB TiKV by HTTP" and "TiDB PD by HTTP" Templates
Removed screens and slideshows API Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-6309 Added support for multi-page dashboards API Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-6508 Added template for APC UPS Symmetra RX Templates
ZBXNEXT-6571 Added templates for APC UPSs Galaxy 3500, Smart-UPS, Smart-UPS SRT, Symmetra RM Templates
Improved performance of host.create and template.create methods; improved performance of templates linking process; optimized DB::insert() method to send bulk SQL inserts API
ZBXNEXT-6368 Moved action operation scripts to global scripts, added manually started scripts on events API Frontend Installation Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-6408 Added mongoDB plugin Agent
ZBXNEXT-5869 Added templates "MongoDB node by Zabbix Agent 2" and "MongoDB cluster by Zabbix Agent 2" Templates
ZBXNEXT-6507 Added Template Power APC UPS by SNMP Templates
ZBXNEXT-6462 Added Cisco Catalyst 3750 templates Templates
ZBXNEXT-6503 Added protection of Zabbix Server from overloading by proxy data Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-6450 Added template NetApp AFF A700 by HTTP Templates
ZBXNEXT-6522 Added media Templates
ZBXNEXT-735 Allowed multiple jmx items on one host Java gateway
ZBXNEXT-5924 Added Template Module SMART by Zabbix agent 2 Templates
ZBXNEXT-6489 Added template for Huawei OceanStor 5300 V5 Templates
ZBXNEXT-6302 Added new metrics to VMWare template Templates
ZBXNEXT-6433 Added template "Microsoft SharePoint by HTTP" Templates
ZBXNEXT-6442 Added ExportType server parameter for better configurability of real-time export Server
Changed field "alias" into "username" API Frontend Installation Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-5868 Moved global mappings to host / template API Frontend Installation Server Templates
ZBXNEXT-6385 Added template "Apache Ignite by JMX" Templates
ZBXNEXT-6301 Extended set of collected VMware metrics for VM and HV Proxy Server
Added support for strong encryption protocols for SNMPv3 API Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-6339 Added smart plugin to support S.M.A.R.T monitoring in Zabbix Agent 2 Agent
ZBXNEXT-6437 Added native support for system.sw.packages plugin in Zabbix agent 2 Agent
ZBXNEXT-6306 Added native linux support for key vm.memory.size in Zabbix agent 2 Agent
ZBXNEXT-6443 Added sha256() function to JavaScript preprocessing Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-5809 Added VictorOps media Templates
ZBXNEXT-6394 Added template "Hikvision camera by HTTP" Templates
ZBXNEXT-6395 Added template "Jenkins by HTTP" Templates
ZBXNEXT-6386 Raised javascript heap limit from 10 megabytes to 64 megabytes; fixed memory leak when heap limit is reached Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-5759 Added Oracle DB tnsnames.ora service name lookup support Frontend Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-6360 Added support of JavaScript for global scripts API Frontend Installation Server
ZBXNEXT-6441 Added function to configure HTTP authentication for embedded scripts Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-6376 Implemented support of negative filtering for tags API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-6183 Added md5 checksum computation to preprocessing Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-6399 Added support of host and item macros for Script item parameters Frontend Server
Added support of API tokens API Frontend Installation Server
ZBXCTR-13 Added custom query support for PostgreSQL plugin and template, fixed unix-socket support Agent Templates
ZBXNEXT-5518 Added support of XML parsing in JavaScript API Frontend Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-5862 Added Rocket.Chat media Templates
ZBXNEXT-6389 Added template for NetApp FAS3220 Templates
ZBXNEXT-6311 Moved host availability from hosts to host interfaces API Frontend Installation Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-6295 Added 3rd level sub-menu Frontend
ZBXNEXT-6285 Modified Oracle initial scheme creating and image loading in to the BLOB fields Installation
ZBXNEXT-6419 Added tablespace metrics to Oracle Templates Agent Templates
ZBXNEXT-6331 Updated plugins: ceph, docker, memcached, mysql, oracle, redis — unified functionality (parameters describing and parsing, URI parsing, using sessions, errors handling) Agent
ZBXNEXT-6210 Added native support for proc.mem key in Zabbix agent 2 Agent
ZBXNEXT-6252 Added support of LLD rule filter condition operators "exists" and "does not exist" Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-6367 Added metrics to the official MySQL template Templates
ZBXNEXT-6380 Added new key Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-6330 Added Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 template Templates
ZBXNEXT-6219 Added "HashiCorp Vault" template Templates
ZBXNEXT-6231 Added Apache ActiveMQ template Templates
ZBXNEXT-6257 Implemented Check for not supported value preprocessing step test API Frontend Proxy Server
ZBX-2594 Separated host and template related objects: items, triggers, graphs, low-level discovery rules, web scenarios Frontend Installation
ZBXNEXT-6324 Moved Configuration -> Discovery to MVC API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-6319 Added systemd.unit.get item key to Zabbix agent 2 Agent
ZBXNEXT-6345 Added substitution of SID to account name and domain name in eventlog message Agent
ZBXNEXT-6307 Added ability to read properties from a file Java gateway
ZBXNEXT-6329 Added Template "GitLab by HTTP" Templates
ZBXNEXT-6294 Replaced mass update pages with popup windows Frontend
ZBXNEXT-6325 Moved "Event correlation" to MVC and removed tabs in edit view Frontend
ZBXNEXT-6234 Added "Disk read/write request avg waiting time" items in template Windows physical disks Templates
ZBXNEXT-6323 Moved Administration -> Queue to MVC Frontend
ZBXNEXT-782 Moved calculated, aggregated and internal checks to new history poller process; moved availability updates to availability manager; removed database connections from pollers, unreachable pollers and Java pollers Documentation Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-6276 Improved period handling of macro function fmttime Server
ZBXNEXT-6332 Added {ITEM.VALUETYPE} macro Server
ZBXNEXT-6353 Added Morningstar devices monitoring templates Templates
ZBXNEXT-6269 Added hv ip to vmware.hv.discovery and vm metrics for FQDN template Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-6272 Added template VMWare FQDN and updated template VMWare Templates
ZBXNEXT-6316 Added iTop media Templates
ZBXNEXT-6281 Added template "Hadoop by HTTP" Templates
ZBXNEXT-6351 Added template "Aranet Cloud" Templates
ZBXNEXT-6275 Added Template "Zookeeper by HTTP" Templates
ZBXNEXT-6280 Added trend function cache Server
ZBXNEXT-2480 Removed autocomplete from fields having sensitive data Frontend
ZBXNEXT-6253 Added native system.users.num support to Zabbix agent 2 Agent
ZBXNEXT-6129 Added UnitFileState to systemd.unit.discovery for Zabbix agent 2 Agent
ZBXNEXT-6293 Replaced import page with popup window Frontend
ZBXNEXT-6290 Improved distinction between configuration and monitoring links in search results Frontend
ZBXNEXT-6282 Updated media types and templates to follow new JS methods naming Templates
ZBXNEXT-6241 Made JS object and method names more JavaScript alike Proxy Server
ZBX-18134 Removed ability to read PSK fields of hosts and proxies API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-6236 Added template "Apache Kafka by JMX" Templates
ZBXNEXT-6201 Added "Template DB Apache Cassandra by JMX" Templates

Bug Fixes

ZBX-19361 Fixed number/time parameter conversion in calculated checks and period parameter conversion in aggregate checks Installation
ZBX-19368 Reduced functionids sorting when extracting functionids from expressions during trigger processing Server
ZBX-19370 Fixed displaying time in popups of graph widgets Frontend
ZBX-19366 Fixed duplicate key error for screen and slideshow in dbupgrade patch Server
ZBXNEXT-6411 Fixed incorrect argument type in item/discovery rule/web scenario import API
ZBX-19038 Fixed lld manager not to process lld rules on same host in parallel to avoid duplicated item keys being discovered; fixed crash when duplicated item key on same host exists Proxy Server
ZBX-19324 Fixed possible deadlocks between configuration and history syncers on proxy Proxy
ZBX-19209 Fixed panic in proc plugin for Zabbix agent 2 Agent
ZBX-19241 Stopped proxy from overwriting local lastlogsize and mtime Proxy
ZBX-19321 Fixed missing event tags in case of multiple problems Server
ZBX-19063 Fixed logging for unsupported windows service command in Zabbix agent 2 Agent
ZBX-19099 Fixed Zabbix agent 2 windows services plugin second parameter Agent
ZBX-19306 Fixed broken item configuration link in latest data results Frontend
ZBX-18883 Fixed logrt[] monitoring with copytruncate rotation Agent
ZBX-19274 Fixed semaphore not being cleaned up on Solaris when terminating Zabbix sender Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-19297 Fixed agent compilation under Windows Agent
ZBX-19233 Fixed potential loss of original error when reading vmware events Proxy Server
ZBX-18701 Fixed syntax mistakes in Template DB MySQL, renamed LLD rule to Database discovery Templates
ZBX-19159 Added postponing of recovery operation when problem operation still executes, fixed memory leak while saving tags returned by webhook Server
ZBX-19102 Fixed conversion of EVENT.NAME to EVENT.RECOVERY.NAME in recovery opmessage Installation
ZBX-19253 Removed ICMP checks, moved items to another application, changed update interval, added "Discard with heartbeat" preprocessing in APC UPS templates Templates
ZBX-19240 Fixed JavaScript errors upon copying map or map navigation tree widgets Frontend
ZBX-19088 Fixed overload memory with unused vmware events Proxy Server
ZBX-18673 Fixed JS in Slack media and updated documentation Templates
ZBX-18372 Fixed additional word before parameters in fatal error message text Frontend
ZBX-19220 Fixed broken link to Hikvision camera manufacturer page Templates
ZBX-19210 Fixed css file versioning for custom themes Frontend
ZBX-19199 Fixed console errors when updating problem widgets when other popups are active Frontend
ZBX-18912 Fixed escalation message is using template message instead of custom message in actions Server
ZBX-17454 Changed the unit of data item "" in PostgreSQL template Templates
ZBX-19195 Fixed endless loop in graph widget processing if widget size is too small Frontend
ZBX-18809 Changed formula for latency in Elasticsearch template Templates
ZBX-19149 Updated logback-core, logback-classic and slf4j-api jars to the latest stable versions: 1.2.3, 1.2.3 and 1.7.30 Java gateway
ZBX-19150 Added csrf check Frontend
ZBX-12867 Reworked problem event popup of problems widget to load data only on mouse hover and click Frontend
ZBX-17000 Changed translation of 'last' for week of month in japanese Frontend
ZBX-19117 Fixed host deletion, template deletion and maintenance update was not shown in audit log report when it was made via API request API
ZBX-18595 Fixed wrong filtering for nested groups in monitoring problems page Frontend
ZBX-19103 Fixed device sorting in Zabbix agent 2 smartctl plugin Agent
ZBX-18998 Rewrote API main object validation API Frontend
ZBX-19111 Improved performance of checking circular and double linkages of templates API
ZBX-18918 Updated deprecated items in "RabbitMQ" template Templates
ZBX-18894 Fixed session_key update for dynamic configid Frontend
ZBX-18634 Changed macro names according to the Guidelines, fixed context macros in Temperature Discovery triggers, added preprocessing into Fan Discovery and Temperature Discovery Templates
ZBX-18620 Added {#REPLICA_NAME} macro in items of Non-local database discovery Templates
ZBX-19046 Fixed agent build on solaris 10 Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-17772 Updated readme, described how to get Project ID Templates
ZBXNEXT-6474 Fixed inconsistent datatypes in oracle DB upgrade patch query Installation
ZBX-19023 Fixed inheritance of the permissions and tag filters for new host groups API
ZBX-19071 Fixed server crash after "Check for not supported value" preprocessing step Server
ZBX-18906 Fixed main menu hidden mode, fixed menu items selection on the actions configuration pages Frontend
ZBX-18051 Fixed typos extra space after "(" Templates
ZBX-10370 Allowed Java Gateway to use ssl with remote registry Java gateway
ZBX-17471, ZBX-18854 Added TSDB version validation, TSDB 2.0, fixed TSDB housekeeping with 0 history period Server
ZBX-18803 Fixed test item form ignoring empty status code input Frontend
ZBX-18929 Fixed tag filtering by multiple negated conditions API
ZBX-19031 Fixed build failure on HP-UX and AIX Agent
ZBX-19025 Fixed usage of LIMIT in SQL in user.update and user.delete API API
ZBX-19029 Fixed Zabbix server and Zabbix proxy not remembering last log size when preprocessing is used Proxy Server
ZBX-17543 Fixed error in case if wmi.getall returned no items Agent
ZBX-18917 Disabled global script webhook execution on proxy Server
ZBX-18377 Fixed expression in "Memory usage is too high" trigger of "Template DB Redis" Templates
ZBX-18886 Implemented proper resource cleanup when sender terminates by signal Agent
ZBX-18963 Fixed preprocessing for archivelog items in Oracle Templates Templates
ZBX-18741 Fixed numeric value encountered Frontend
ZBX-18967 Moved template "Hikvision camera by HTTP" from "templates/cctv/" to "templates/cctv/hikvision" Templates
ZBX-18825 Fixed last year period calculation in service availability report daily mode Frontend
ZBX-18638 Removed triggers of the "Temperature" items, added the "Temperature sensor condition" items with triggers, removed unnecessary macros Templates
ZBX-18720 Fixed full clone of discovered host having duplicate interfaces Frontend
ZBX-18449 Reworked trigger API validation API
ZBX-18887 Fixed user session expiration when notification checks are performed in background Frontend
ZBX-18209 Fixed RegEx delimiter not being escaped in macro resolver Frontend
ZBX-18817 Fixed missing API and import validation for "unsupported check" preprocessing step API Frontend
ZBX-18237 Fixed problem description icon in Monitoring->Problems in compact view mode being displayed above problem name Frontend
ZBX-18945 Fixed Zabbix agent 2 build Raspbian 10 Agent
ZBX-18309 Fixed reading log files with NULL character in log line Agent
ZBX-18872 Fixed system.sw.os[name] for cases without quotation mark in /etc/os-release Agent
ZBX-18885 Fixed SNMP agent item not accepting values that are bigger than 2KB Proxy Server
ZBX-18874 Fixed incorrect links in templates and webhooks documentation Templates

Installation and Upgrade Notes


See Zabbixマニュアル for full details.


See Upgrade procedure for upgrade options and instructions. For version specific upgrade notes, see Upgrade notes for 5.4.0.

Commercial support

Zabbix Company provides a full range of Professional Services. We also provide trouble-free Upgrade Service for easy migration from earlier versions of Zabbix. Please 営業への問い合わせ for pricing and more details.


Zabbix 5.4 Manual