Release Notes for Zabbix 1.6.7

Zabbix Team is pleased to announce the availability of Zabbix 1.6.7.

Zabbix is an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution. Zabbix is released under the GPL, thus it is free of charge for both commercial and non-commercial use. A complete text of the license is available at

This document contains the release notes for Zabbix 1.6.7. Download it from download.

The following sections describe the release in details and provide late-breaking or other information that supplements its main documentation.

Fixes and minor improvements

ZBX-1022 fixed syntax in parameter 'continue_pending' in services[] key
ZBX-1202 fixed processing of proc_info[] check with 'sum' parameter. Thanks to Kazuo Ito
ZBX-1148 fixed flap between available and unavailable for hosts with mixed agent and simple checks
ZBX-1051 fixed processing of active checks list on the agent side. Symptom: 'Can't open JSON object' message
ZBX-641 fixed oracle OCI-Lob parse
ZBX-1078 changed link in server info screen element
ZBX-1076 fixed IT services periods
ZBX-1019 fixed stacked graph displays 0 value
ZBX-1040 fixed error when massupdate triggers with empty dependency
ZBX-820 fixed updating downstream item applications when upstream item is updated without changing applications
DEV-426 added new command line parameter '-T' for zabbix_sender
ZBX-1068 fix typos related to height/high
ZBX-948 fixed not working keyboard keys in numericboxes for Opera
ZBX-915 fixed pgsql cycling on transaction failure
ZBX-985 fixed pgsql return value
ZBX-1035 fixed possibility to import graphs to host we don't have permissions
ZBX-1062 deny creation of log and eventlog items with non log type of information
DEV-137 fix incorrect key syntax error message
ZBX-1054 fixed processing of logs and eventlogs which become empty only on the agent side
ZBX-1055 fixed DBexecute function result with PostreSQL
ZBX-778 added support of $1..$9 macros in the {ITEM.NAME} macro in notifications
ZBX-1031 fixed security vulnerability in server, allowing remote unauthenticated users to execute arbitrary SQL queries. Thanks to Nicob
ZBX-1032 fixed security vulnerability in processing of net.tcp.listen under FreeBSD and Solaris agents. Thanks to Nicob
ZBX-1050 fixed possible windows agent crash while processing big eventlog records
ZBX-991 fixed processing of zabbix[queue] internal check
ZBX-596 fixed support of IPV6 under Windows 2000
ZBX-1027 fixed that item key must be used in each subexpression of trigger expression
ZBX-982 fixed message when can't delete application with web items
ZBX-861 fixed problem with disappearing nodes in frontend

Installation and Upgrade Notes


See Zabbixマニュアル for full details.


See Upgrade procedure for upgrade options and instructions. For version specific upgrade notes, see Upgrade notes for 1.6.7.

Commercial support

Zabbix Company provides a full range of Professional Services. We also provide trouble-free Upgrade Service for easy migration from earlier versions of Zabbix. Please 営業への問い合わせ for pricing and more details.


Zabbix 1.6 Manual