2022 Zabbix中国峰会
2022 Zabbix中国峰会
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8 IT服务


配置 - > IT服务中用户可以配置和维护IT服务层次结构。

第一次打开此部分时,它只包含一个root 入口.

您可以将其用作构建受监视基础架构层次结构的起点。点击Add child 添加服务,然后在您添加的服务下添加其他服务。

F有关添加服务的详细信息,请参阅 IT 服务 模块.

8 Services


In the Configuration → Services section users can configure and maintain an IT services hierarchy.

When you first open this section it only contains a root entry.

You can use it as a starting point of building the hierarchy of monitored infrastructure. Click on Add child to add services and then other services below the ones you have added.

For details on adding services, see the Service monitoring section.