2022 Zabbix中国峰会
2022 Zabbix中国峰会

6 大文件支持

大型文件支持,通常缩写为LFS, 这个术语适用于在32位操作系统上处理大于2 GB的文件的能力。 自从Zabbix 2.0对大文件的支持已经被添加。该变动会影响 log file monitoring 和所有vfs.file.* items. 大文件支持依赖于Zabbix编译时系统的性能,但是在32位Solaris上完全禁用,因为它与procfs和swapctl不兼容。

6 Large file support

Large file support, often abbreviated to LFS, is the term applied to the ability to work with files larger than 2 GB on 32-bit operating systems. Since Zabbix 2.0 support for large files has been added. This change affects at least log file monitoring and all vfs.file.* items. Large file support depends on the capabilities of a system at Zabbix compilation time, but is completely disabled on a 32-bit Solaris due to its incompatibility with procfs and swapctl.