2022 Zabbix中国峰会
2022 Zabbix中国峰会

6 媒介类型


在 Administration → Media types 部分,用户可以配置和维护媒介类型信息。

媒介类型信息包含使用媒介作为通知的传送通道的一般说明。 具体细节,比如发送通知的个人电子邮件地址与个人用户保持一致。



Name 媒介类型名称。.单击名称打开媒介类型 配置表单.
Type 显示媒介类型 (电子邮件,短信等)
Status 显示媒介类型状态- Enabled or Disabled.您可用过单击来改变其状态。
Used in actions 将显示直接使用媒介类型的所有动作(仅在 Send only to 下拉菜单中选择)。单击动作名称打开动作配置表单。
Details 显示媒介类型的详细信息。

配置新的媒介类型,点击顶部右上角的 Create media type



  • Enable - 将媒介类型状态改为 Enabled
  • Disable - 将媒介类型状态改为 Disabled
  • Delete - 删除媒介类型




Filter过滤器 链接位于媒介类型列表之上。 如果您点击它,则可以使用过滤器,您可以通过名称和状态过滤媒介类型。

6 Media types


In the Administration → Media types section users can configure and maintain media type information.

Media type information contains general instructions for using a medium as delivery channel for notifications. Specific details, such as the individual e-mail addresses to send a notification to are kept with individual users.

A listing of existing media types with their details is displayed.

Displayed data:

Column Description
Name Name of the media type. Clicking on the name opens the media type configuration form.
Type Type of the media (e-mail, SMS, etc) is displayed.
Status Media type status is displayed - Enabled or Disabled.
By clicking on the status you can change it.
Used in actions All actions where the media type is used directly (selected in the Send only to dropdown) are displayed. Clicking on the action name opens the action configuration form.
Details Detailed information of the media type is displayed.

To configure a new media type, click on the Create media type button in the top right-hand corner.

Mass editing options

Buttons below the list offer some mass-editing options:

  • Enable - change the media type status to Enabled
  • Disable - change the media type status to Disabled
  • Delete - delete the media types

To use these options, mark the checkboxes before the respective media types, then click on the required button.


As the list may contain a number of media types, it may be needed to filter out the ones you really need.

The Filter link is available above the list of media types. If you click on it, a filter becomes available where you can filter media types by name and status.