12 Upgrade notes for 7.0.1

Breaking changes

Server crash with PostgreSQL/TimescaleDB after upgrade from 7.0

Upgrading to Zabbix 7.0.1 (or later) from Zabbix 7.0.0 with PostgreSQL/TimescaleDB results in a server crash. This issue is caused by a workaround to a compression job issue in the auditlog table in Zabbix 7.0 that irreversibly changed the compression policy of the auditlog table.

See known issues for details of fixing the auditlog table manually.

Note that there should be no such issues for upgrades from pre-7.0 Zabbix versions to 7.0.1 (or later). Follow the instructions in TimescaleDB setup page configuration section "For existing installations".


New index on auditlog table

A new index has been added to the auditlog table to improve database and frontend response times when filtering records by Recordset ID in the Audit log.

Note that users with large audit logs may experience extended upgrade times due to the database size.

Minimum required TimescaleDB version

The minimum required version of TimescaleDB is now 2.13.0.


VMware event log monitoring

The vmware.eventlog item now also returns user information.

DNS service performance

The net.dns.perf item now returns a response time instead of 0 when the DNS server responds with an error code (for example, NXDOMAIN or SERVFAIL).