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 +==== 3 Item types ====
 +=== Overview ===
 +Item types cover various methods of acquiring data from your system. Each item type comes with its own set of supported item keys and required parameters.
 +The following items types are currently offered by Zabbix:
 +  * [[:​manual/​config/​items/​itemtypes/​zabbix_agent|Zabbix agent checks]]
 +  * [[:​manual/​config/​items/​itemtypes/​snmp|SNMP agent checks]]
 +  * [[:​manual/​config/​items/​itemtypes/​snmptrap|SNMP traps]]
 +  * [[:​manual/​config/​items/​itemtypes/​ipmi|IPMI checks]]
 +  * [[:​manual/​config/​items/​itemtypes/​simple_checks|Simple checks]]
 +    * [[:​manual/​config/​items/​itemtypes/​simple_checks/​vmware_keys|VMware monitoring]]
 +  * [[:​manual/​config/​items/​itemtypes/​log_items|Log file monitoring]]
 +  * [[:​manual/​config/​items/​itemtypes/​calculated|Calculated items]]
 +  * [[:​manual/​config/​items/​itemtypes/​internal|Zabbix internal checks]]
 +  * [[:​manual/​config/​items/​itemtypes/​ssh_checks|SSH checks]]
 +  * [[:​manual/​config/​items/​itemtypes/​telnet_checks|Telnet checks]]
 +  * [[:​manual/​config/​items/​itemtypes/​external|External checks]]
 +  * [[:​manual/​config/​items/​itemtypes/​aggregate|Aggregate checks]]
 +  * [[:​manual/​config/​items/​itemtypes/​trapper|Trapper items]]
 +  * [[:​manual/​config/​items/​itemtypes/​jmx_monitoring|JMX monitoring]]
 +  * [[:​manual/​config/​items/​itemtypes/​odbc_checks|ODBC checks]]
 +  * [[:​manual/​config/​items/​itemtypes/​dependent_items|Dependent items]]
 +  * [[:​manual/​config/​items/​itemtypes/​http|HTTP checks]]
 +  * [[:​manual/​config/​items/​itemtypes/​prometheus|Prometheus checks]]
 +Details for all item types are included in the subpages of this section. Even though item types offer a lot of options for data gathering, there are further options through [[:​manual/​config/​items/​userparameters|user parameters]] or [[:​manual/​config/​items/​loadablemodules|loadable modules]].
 +Some checks are performed by Zabbix server alone (as agent-less monitoring) while others require Zabbix agent or even Zabbix Java gateway (with JMX monitoring).
 +<note important>​If a particular item type requires a particular interface (like an IPMI check needs an IPMI interface on the host) that interface must exist in the host definition.</​note>​
 +Multiple interfaces can be set in the host definition: Zabbix agent, SNMP agent, JMX and IPMI. If an item can use more than one interface, it will search the available host interfaces (in the order: Agent->​SNMP->​JMX->​IPMI) for the first appropriate one to be linked with. 
 +All items that return text (character, log, text types of information) can return whitespace only as well (where applicable) setting the return value to an empty string (supported since 2.0).