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6 What's new in Zabbix 7.0.1


VMware event log monitoring

The vmware.eventlog item now also returns user information.

DNS service performance

The net.dns.perf item now returns a response time instead of 0 when the DNS server responds with an error code (for example, NXDOMAIN or SERVFAIL).


Pie chart visual options

With the Pie chart widget set to display a doughnut chart, you can now configure the Stroke width parameter - the width of the chart sector border.

Additionally, when hovering over a sector, it now enlarges outward for a smoother visual effect, replacing the previous pop-out behavior.

Pie chart and Graph data source options

The "Item list" type data sets for Graph and Pie chart widgets now support selecting compatible widgets as the data source for items.


New templates

A new template is available:

You can get this template:

  • In Data collectionTemplates in new installations;
  • If you are upgrading from previous versions, you can download new templates from the Zabbix Git repository or find them in the zabbix/templates directory of the latest Zabbix version you have downloaded. Then, while in Data collectionTemplates, you can import them manually into Zabbix.


MySQL 8.4 support

The maximum supported version for MySQL is now 8.4.X.

MariaDB 11.4 support

The maximum supported version for MariaDB is now 11.4.X.

TimescaleDB 2.15 support

The maximum supported version for TimescaleDB is now 2.15.X.